Mount Tapyas

Coron, Palawan

Mount Tapyas at 210 meters above sea level is the second highest mountain at Coron town. Its just 14 meters higher than Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan. The white cross on its summit is lighted at night, so the mountain is easy to recognize like a beacon, whenever and wherever you are in Coron town or at nearby islands. Mount Tapyas in Coron Palawan offers one of the most spectacular view of Coron Islands ...


Mount Tapyas News

  • Coron Palawan Paradise In The Philippines

    Accommodation: Wild Fern Coron Villa
    Flight: Cebu Pacific
    Itinerary: Mt. Tapyas, Siete Picados, Kayangan Lake, CYC beach , Beach 91 for lunch and Twin Lagoon.

  • Coron Palawan, Things To Do When Not Island Hopping

    This is our first full day in Coron and we just wanted to spend a day off the sea. So we decided to go up Coron mountain and see the not so famous sign. We then spent the evening at Maquinit hot springs, 1 of only a few natural saltwater springs in the world. We were left feeling invigorated and relaxed.

  • Mount Tapyas Soaking Up The Dramatic Sunset In Coron

    Mount Tapyas Soaking Up The Dramatic Sunset In Coron

    When I got married a few months ago, I didn?t promise my wife a brand-new car, a big elaborate house or a box full of gleaming jewelry. Instead, I vowed, in front of our family and friends, to give her a lifetime of pleasant memories and adventures. And so far, I haven?t been doing too well fulfilling my promise, with our hectic schedules and responsibilities. Thankfully, we scored a couple of cheap airline tickets to Coron, to spice things up as well as treat ourselves to a mishmash mesmerizing sights like Mount Tapyas.

  • Coron Palawan Travel Diary Pt 3 Mt Tapyas, Coron Souvenir Shop, Cashew Production

    Places visited in part 2:
    Mt. Tapyas
    Coron Souvenir Shop
    Cashew Production

    These three were part of our day three and last day at Coron, Palawan. We started the day off with breakfast at our resort and proceeded to Mt. Tapyas. Mt. Tapyas has a beautiful view at the top but there's a price to pay, 700+ STEPS. Our tour agency suggested we go first thing in the morning because it does get hot going up, and even when we were there in the morning the heat and humidity was still a killer. My suggestion is to bring some sort of fan, lots of water, and maybe an umbrella to avoid the sun! Pack l ...

  • Amazing Sunset At The Top Of Mt Tapyas In Coron Philippines

    Amazing Sunset At The Top Of Mt Tapyas In Coron Philippines

    Have you ever wondered what Hollywood, Brasov (Romania) and Coron, Philippines might have in common? Obviously not, but I will tell you: their names, written in huge letters and placed on a high hill so that they can be seen and admired from a big distance. Probably the similarities stop here because, in other ways, they are very different and they are situated on three distinct continents. Moreover, unlike the first two, Coron also has a huge iron cross which is placed behind the letters, a cross built after the old wooden one was completely destroyed by the Haiyan typhoon.

  • Coron Palawan Town Tour, Mt.Tapyas And Maquinit Hot Spring

    Trave Vlog muna Tayo Katumbungers!

    Ito yung unang araw nmin sa Coron Palawan ( April 20, 2017)

    Ang Coron Town Tour nmin ay kasama sa Package Tour namin na kinuha. Our First day in Coron is the Coron Town Tour.

    We Visited : The Mt Tapyas, The Maquinit Hot Spring, The Souvenirs Shops, St, Augustine Church.