Mount Mantalingajan Reserve

Rizal, Palawan

Mt. Mantalingajan Protected Landscape is a national park park covering the entire Mantalingajan Mountain Range. The protected area status of MMPL was proclaimed in 2009 and covers an area of 120,457 hectares.

Continuing discoveries of new species of plant and animal from the mountain highlight its tremendous ecological value and the importance of maintaining such protective zones in ...

the face of constant logging and mining pressures. The pitcher plant species, Nepenthes mantalingajanensis, described in 2007, is named after the mountain itself.  Wiki

Mount Mantalingajan Protected Landscape News

  • Mt Mantalingahan Protected Landscape Patuloy Na Tinatamnan Ng Mga Puno

    Patuloy ang isinasagawang pagtatanim ng mga ibat-ibang uri ng puno sa paligid ng Mt. Mantalingahan bilang bahagi ng National Greening Program ng pamahalaan na naglalayong maagapan ang lumalalang kaso ng pagkakalbo ng mga kagubatan sa bansa.

    Ang Mount Mantalingahan ay idineklarang protected landscape sa pamamagitan ng Presidential Proclamation No. 1815 na nilagdaan noong Hunyo 23, 2009. Limang munisipyo ang nakakasakop sa kabundukang ito. Ito ay ang mga bayan ng Brookes Point, Barataza, Quezon, Rizal at Sofronio Espanola.

    Ngayong taon nakatakdang magtapos ang National Greening Program kun ...

  • UP Mountaineer Jeshua Sales, Hikers Should Be Culturally Sensitive

    UP Mountaineer Jeshua Sales, Hikers Should Be Culturally Sensitive

    In a recent speech, Jeshua Sales of the UP Mountaineers urged fellow hikers to be sensitive to the culture of the places theyre visiting. Its important to respect not just the environment, but also the locals, he said. In an interview with Pinoy Mountaineer, he cited various examples, such as Mt. Mantalingajan in Palawan where some indigenous communities had to relocate due to the presence of hikers. Hiking is a privilege, not a right. We should realize that we are just visitors, and respect the people for whom the mountain is home.

    How cam a hiker be culturally sensitive. Its all about lis ...

  • Palawan To Receive Forest Protection Grants

    Palawan To Receive Forest Protection Grants

    The protection and conservation of Palawan's rich biodiversity and natural forests are further assured with the inclusion of the province among the focal areas of the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF).

    PTFCF, a non-profit organization that provides grants to protect the forests, was established under two bicameral agreements between the governments of the United States of America and the Philippines under the US Tropical Forest Conservation Act.

    "The PTFCF through the Secondary Tropical Forest Conservation Agreement (TFCA2) has committed its resources for the pro ...

  • DENR USAID Launch Anti-poaching Project In Palawan

    DENR USAID Launch Anti-poaching Project In Palawan

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources and a US-funded aid organization has launched a project that aims to protect areas in Palawan, Zamboanga City, and Tawi-Tawi from harmful illegal wildlife activities.

    The DENR partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is for Protect Wildlife Project, which will be pilot-tested in the 3 provinces.

    According to Fernando Tactay, provincial environment and natural resources officer in Palawan, the project aims to reduce illegal activities such as poaching and wildlife trade.

    This year, the Mount Mant ...

  • Conservation Trust Fund For Mount Mantalingahan Launched

    Conservation Trust Fund For Mount Mantalingahan Launched

    An endowment fund for the conservation of Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) has been launched on Friday, October 7, a first in the country.

    Conservation International Philippines (CI-P) launched the endowment fund with a US$1 million grant from its Global Conservation Fund.

    The Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) serves as the endowment manager.

    It now seeks more investors to meet the capitalization target of at least US$2.7 million.

    "This innovative fund will provide sustainable financing for the long-term maintenance, protection and enrichment of ...

  • Trust Fund To Help Protect Some Of Philippines Last Primary Forests Human Nature

    Trust Fund To Help Protect Some Of Philippines Last Primary Forests Human Nature

    Earlier this year, Human Nature shared the story of Nolsita Siyang, a farmer and mother of 10 who spends two out of every six weeks volunteering as a forest ranger, patrolling the Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) and monitoring human activities within the park covering much of her ancestral homeland.

    With the launch of a new trust fund that aims to finance the management of this 120,000 hectare (almost 300,000-acre) park in perpetuity, the future of Siyang's family and neighbors just got a little more secure.

    The MMPL ??" the largest terrestrial protected area on the Philip ...