Malaroyroy Island

Coron, Palawan

Malaroyroy Island is located on the northern tip of Bulalacao Island beside Banana Island (Beach) in Coron, Palawan. It is a perfect stop-over for camping and picnics, sunbathing and taking pictures. It has also a pretty good underwater life, lots of fishes, corals and starfishes.

Malaroyroy Island News

  • Top 8 things to do in Coron

    Top 8 things to do in Coron

    Idyllic, scenic and majestic, Coron has been a go-to destination for tourists hoping to get a glimpse of paradise. From pristine white-sand beaches and towering limestone cliffs to agate-blue waters and world-class diving sites, its awe-inspiring scenery alone makes it worth a visit.

    But there's more to Coron than its sightseeing opportunities. It also offers a wealth of fun activities and exciting adventures you're not likely to experience elsewhere. Here are Skyscanner's favorites:

    1. Hop from island to island

    If you're visiting Coron for the first time, then island hopping is an a ...

  • Coron Day 3 Malaroyroy Island Banana Beach and Malcapuya Beach

    Coron Day 3 Malaroyroy Island Banana Beach and Malcapuya Beach

    The day we've waited for. A must-see place. A beach lovers paradise. Indeed!

    Though we slept quite late on our second day we managed to wake up early but with no breakfast but coffee. We were picked up by our driver at exactly 8AM and waited for more than an hour at the port because the supposed joiners of the trip didn't show up at all. It was supposedly 4 of us but it ended up just the 2 of us as if we rented the boat exclusively. We were too excited to see the beach and to sunbathe which kept us positive even after the long wait for nothing. I must say this is one of the downside of the ...

  • Coron Bulog Dos Island

    Coron Bulog Dos Island

    It was almost four in the afternoon as we alighted from our outrigger boat into the creamy sands of Bulog Dos Island. As the cliché goes, time definitely flies by when you're having so much fun.

    This was the smallest of the three islands we visited that day, but I liked it the most among the three. Being 1/8th the size of Banana Island, it can be explored in less than thirty minutes.

    I'm not sure if visitors can stay overnight here, but there is a lone hut on the island which looked decent enough for an overnighter.

    The sand was fine and creamy, the water crystal clear, much like ...

  • DIY Coron Island Hopping Day 2

    DIY Coron Island Hopping Day 2

    Our first night at Sea Breeze Lodge was surprisingly comfortable despite the warning of Kuya Alvin about mosquitoes in the area. My friend Vanessa didn't even notice it even though she forgot to put on insect repellant that night. Perhaps we were too tired to notice and too excited for our island-hopping adventure.

    We had an early start the next day, had breakfast on the go and bought our water and food supplies at the market. Fritz and Archie were also in the market buying the ingredients for our lunch. Buying fresh seafood in the market and having it cooked for you on your chosen island ...