Luli Island

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Luli Island meaning "Lulubog, lilitaw." One of the famous islands in Honda Bay for island hopping tours. Luli is actually composed of 3 sandbars located in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Luli Island News

  • 11 PH Vanishing Islands You Should Visit In 2017 Before Theyre Gone Again

    Beauty queen-turned-actress Charlene Gonzales was on point with her memorable answer during the Miss Universe pageant in 1994.

    When asked about the number of islands in the Philippines, Charlene responded with a rhetorical question "High tide or low tide?" before she eventually explained that there are "7107 islands during low tide, and 7,108 during high tide."

    Lo and behold, more than a decade after, here we are with a new set of numbers. The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) has recently announced that there are 534 new islands in this archipelagic nation - P ...

  • Puerto Princesa Palawan Trade Your Time For Precious Memories

    We've been to other places together before, but this was the first one that there were only the two of us. And most of our trips were spontaneous. Unplanned. Go with the flow whatever comes our way because it is unfailingly more fun that way.

    So yes, it was yet another spontaneous trip and this time it's in Puerto Princesa. We did have a plan before we went there, but due to unexpected delays, we dropped everything and decided to just go with the flow of time and space.

    It was a short yet sweet visit to this mountainous province in the western part of the Philippines. Puerto Princesa, fi ...

  • Discovering Palawan In 2 Days

    My first Palawan experience was a blast! Even though it was only for two days, we were able to visit few tourist spots and had some island hopping. It was a two days full of non stop tour and we really made the most of our time. Though due to time constraints we had only toured destinations in Puerto Princesa area which gives me more reason to go back and explore other places especially Coron and El Nido. Of course, I won't be keeping those happy thoughts with me, so let me share with you my 2 -day Palawan Escapade :) .

    Originally, Palawan is not included in my travel itinerary for this yea ...

  • Puerto Princesa Palawan The Home Of One Of The 7 Wonders Of Nature

    My sisters "by heart" and I have been dreaming to go together on a trip for a long time already. And one of the struggles in planning this kind of tour is how our scheds would match, so surely, one of the solutions that we could possibly think of would be to book an actual ticket that will instantly be paid so that nobody could back out because "Bayad na eh! Sayang naman diba?" So we were very fortunate that Manejkom Travel & Tours was able to offer us with a Puerto Princesa Barkada Package for a very cheap price which we didn't let go! We instantly booked with Manejkom Travel & Tours wherein ...

  • The Crowning Glory Of Puerto Princesa

    Puerto Princesa, the capital of the province of Palawan, is the gateway to many beautiful spots in the province. It is not surprising to find Filipinos and foreigners trooping to this western part of the Philippines and wanting a piece of this paradise.

    The city alone is an exquisite beauty. There's the butterfly garden, the crocodile farm (which we opted to skip), Bakers Hill, and the Iwahig Penal Colony. Off the coast of Puerto Princesa is the Honda Bay which is a sea lover's haven. But the city's crowning glory, which is about a few hours from the main city, is the World Heritage Site an ...

  • Island Hopping At Honda Bay Puerto Princesa

    There is an irony when you hear of the province of Palawan in the Philippines – regarded as one of the country's top tourist destination, Palawan is a place renowned for being least developed among other tourist destinations in the country, even in the whole of South-East Asian region.

    However, tourist sites found all over Palawan are not known for their modernization – no, they are not. It is something more natural, not man-made.

    After all, for a region mostly known for its clear water and white sandy beaches, among other places of interest that are all nature's own making, the prov ...