Kayangan Lake

Coron, Palawan

Lake Kayangan is one of Coron's primary attractions. Accessible by a steep 10-minute climb, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Kayangan are nestled into the mountain walls; underwater is like a moonscape.

Kayangan Lake News

  • Coron Palawan, Must Travel Philippines

    A destination filled with surprises and beautiful golden beaches with rich coral reefs. The best place to explore the hidden beauty of nature and the people.

  • Coron Palawan Philippines

    It's been a year since our Pulag Trip and we decided to celebrate it in Coron. We scoured airline websites almost everyday for promos hoping that we could score a good deal. Luckily, we were able to book a one way ticket from Coron to Manila for only 700 pesos each. It was still months before November so we were confident that a sale on tickets from Manila to Coron would pass by. We bet our trip on it and our patience paid off.

    The next couple of months were a blur, but I can still distinctly remember the times I spent on daydreaming and deciding where to go.

    Come and take a glimpse of t ...

  • Limestones, Moody Waters And A Dash Of History At The Calamian Islands

    Limestones, Moody Waters And A Dash Of History At The Calamian Islands

    The chilly water was a welcome respite from the heat, coming up to our hips as we disembarked from our boat to the turquoise sea below.

    We were on Taraw Beach, our first stop after arriving in Coron. The tour has barely started and we were already drenched.

    Taraw Beach boasts of white sands and clear waters on the edges of a towering piece of rock you have to crane your neck to see. It was a short stop, a very relaxing place for lunch. Short of sleeping, it was the quietest hour Id spend in our four days at the Calamian Group of Islands.

    I was with fellow media members, bloggers, and ...

  • Kayangan Lake Corons Most Visually Enticing Natural Wonder

    Kayangan Lake Corons Most Visually Enticing Natural Wonder

    For travel junkies like me, theres nothing that feels more gratifying than seeing an iconic sight that youve been itching to lay eyes on. For over a year, Kayangan Lake, billed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, has been luring me with its crystal clear turquoise waters and towering karst limestone cliffs. From award-winning travel blogs to Instagram, Ive seen a deluge of jaw-dropping images of Corons undisputed treasure. And when I finally got the chance to see it, I cherished it thoroughly, taking in its spectacular, spellbinding scenery. After seeing it in person, I can honestly say i ...

  • Paradise Is Only 30 Minutes Away

    Paradise Is Only 30 Minutes Away

    Can you imagine paradise being a 30-minute flight away from Manila?

    One early morning plane ride from NAIA 4, I discovered the truth. Paradise is indeed just 30 minutes away. With regular daily flights to Coron via Busuanga, Palawan, Skyjet Airlines offers the fastest jet service and the largest plane capacity to this island paradise.

    That the jet can only seat 90 wasnt the best surprise yet. The fact that we had leg room in non-exit row seats and snacks for a 30-minute travel time was a huge surprise!

    Upon landing in Busuanga, most hotels arrange for a shuttle service to pick you up. ...

  • Kayangan Lake Heavenly Waters In Coron Palawan

    Kayangan Lake Heavenly Waters In Coron Palawan

    Kayangan Lake is known to be the cleanest lake there is in the country. The massive blue waters and the stunning rock formations make up most of the views in this part of Coron. Accessible via boat, we toured around the area with the assistance of tour operators who managed our island hopping day tour, inclusive of the registration fees and boat transfers.