Kayangan Lake

Coron, Palawan

Lake Kayangan is one of Coron's primary attractions. Accessible by a steep 10-minute climb, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Kayangan are nestled into the mountain walls; underwater is like a moonscape.

Kayangan Lake News

  • Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan (Philippines Travel Vlog 6)

    Kayangan Lake is dubbed as the cleanest lake in Asia. It is located about 20 minutes by boat from Coron town. Just like any hidden, unspoiled spots, a simple trek is done to get to the lake. The mix of adventure and nature adds charm to the destination. It is a mix of freshwater (70%) and saltwater (30%) which makes it perfect to swim in. The water is almost transparent that you can see the limestone formation under it.

    On the way to the lake, you pass by the most photographed spot in the Philippines. At the edge of the mountain, you can pose with the neighboring island and capture the gree ...

  • Top Tourist Spots In Palawan Trip

    Top Tourist Spots In Palawan Trip

    Palawan, the Philippines last frontier holds numerous of the most fascinating tourist spots in the country. Some have described it as a piece directly cut from the heavens above. This beautiful Safe harbor is teeming with exotic wildlife, pristine beaches, charming fishing villages and house to various UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here are some of the most iconic destinations in three of Palawan's most popular cities and municipalities.

  • Coron Palawan

    Come join us as we explore the hidden wonders of Palawan as we go up north to the third largest island of Calamian Island, Coron Palawan.

    Immerse yourself with the jewels of the north by visiting the twin lagoon, Maquinit Hot Spring and have a nature friendly experience by surrounding yourself with the famous barrier reefs of Coron Palawan.

    We, Dhysh Travel and Tours, would be honored to connect your way to paradise!

  • Philippines Travel: Coron Island Hopping Palawan Must See

    We visited the Philippines in October 2017. In this video we tell about a part of our trip, a traveling to Busuanga and Coron islands (Palawan), how to get from Busuanga airport to Coron Town, best places to see and visit on the islands. We rented an individual boat to go to Coron island, so we had a great opportunity to choose which attractions of Busuanga and Coron to visit and most important - in what order to stop there, depending on when there is the least number of tourists. Twin Lagoon, Banul Beach, Kayangan Lake, Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck, Barracuda Lake - we turned a boat tour to C ...

  • Palawan Cebu Among Worlds Best Islands For 2018

    Palawan Cebu Among Worlds Best Islands For 2018

    Two Philippine destinations made it to the "world's best islands" list as voted by readers of the New York-based magazine Travel + Leisure.

    Palawan placed sixth with a score of 90.04, dropping from its top spot last year. The island was also voted No. 1 in 2016 and 2013.

    Cebu returned to the New York-based magazine's list after failing to make the cut last year, sealing the eighth spot with a score of 89.10.

    The country's "Queen City of the South" ranked sixth in 2016.

    "This year's winners include surprises as well as familiar favorites. The Edenic Philippine outpost of Palawan sco ...

  • Kayangan Lake: Whats It Really Like Visiting Corons Most Famous Natural Attraction

    Kayangan Lake: Whats It Really Like Visiting Corons Most Famous Natural Attraction

    If you've ever seen a picture of Coron in the Philippines, then there's a high chance that the picture you have seen is of Coron's most famous natural attraction, Kayangan Lake. It's the postcard picture that has sold millions of flights to this ever more popular part of the Philippines, for the simple reason that it is absolutely stunning to look at.