Iwahig River Firefly Watching

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Iwahig River Firefly watching was first discovered and initiated by ABS-CBN foundation, which was later became a joint-project with the city government of Puerto Princesa. The trip to the Iwahig Firefly Watching station is about 30-45 minutes from Puerto Princesa City proper.

Iwahig River Firefly Watching News

  • Firefly Watching At Iwahig And Dinner At Kinabuchs Bar Grill

    Firefly Watching At Iwahig And Dinner At Kinabuchs Bar Grill

    Fireflies are nature's indication of how good the ecosystem in a particular area is. It signifies a healthy natural environment. Although Puerto Princesa is a city, it remains to be about 75-80 percent forest hence the name "city in a forest"

    While growing up in our province, I used to catch fireflies at night whenever I see one. My husband shares the same childhood experience.

    The mention of fireflies in the Filipino romantic TV series Dolce Amore is how my kids came to know about this pretty little insects. Growing up here in the desert, our kids never had the same experience as we hav ...

  • Sailing With A Thousand Fireflies

    Sailing With A Thousand Fireflies

    Palawan has always been a tropical travel destination known for its pristine beaches for diving, island hopping and snorkeling. But did you know that Palawan is also a perfect place to have an intimate moment with nature's little creatures, too?

    Set along the banks of Puerto Princesa's historic Iwahig River, the Iwahig Firefly Watching Tour, allows you to revel in nature's beauty, and in particular, to witness the display of flickering beetles we call "fireflies" or "alitaptap."

    Fireflies are winged beetles known for their bioluminescent characteristic. As species that dwell in humid, wa ...

  • Go Firefly Watching At These 3 Beautiful Places In The Philippines

    Go Firefly Watching At These 3 Beautiful Places In The Philippines

    It was one of those nights. There were no visible stars ??" only a solitary beaming moon shining upon the still waters. Our boatman sailed through the sea down to the river by moonlight.

    Further up the mouth of the river awaited another of nature's wonders. We didn't know what to expect, but trusted the boatman, as he had been too eager to show us what it was.

    As we neared the mangrove forest in Donsol, Sorsogon, we spotted a faint twinkling around the trees. The sparkles intensified as we got closer, beckoning us to watch the tiny rotating lights dancing before our eyes. Oh, fireflies! ...

  • Iwahig Firefly Watching

    Iwahig Firefly Watching

    I have always loved going to the Iwahig firefly tour, this is my fourth time. But last night was just the perfect combination of good temperature, clear sky and firefly sightings! Last night was truly magical. The stars spread across, almost from horizon to horizon, the river water so still, you could see the stars reflected in it. There is just enough ambient light from the distant city that the mangrove treeline was silhouetted against the black sky, to give the whole scene depth and dimension. The night we were there, there was bio-luminescent plankton in the water, so when you put your ha ...

  • Puerto Princesa Palawan Iwahig Firefly Watching

    Puerto Princesa Palawan Iwahig Firefly Watching

    A relatively new tourist destination in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the Iwahig Firefly Watching, has been slowly gaining its popularity. It's located along Iwahig River, which is about an hour away from the city proper and the roads going there are nice. The Iwahig Firefly Watching Tour costs PHP 600 per boat and good for three persons.

    It only started its operation last 2008 because a team of local environmental advocates stayed over the night along the mangrove areas of Iwahig River to study the mangrove biodiversity. They then discovered the rich colonies of fireflies blooming at night tim ...

  • The Iwahig Firefly Watching Experience

    The Iwahig Firefly Watching Experience

    Thanks to my friend Kenny and her group of SK kids from Batangas, I finally had the chance to try out the Firefly Watching Tour at the other side of the city: Iwahig. Compared to the one at Baywalk, the Iwahig tour is a bit on the "rough" side. I would say that choosing between one or the other will boil down to personal preferences and choices, but both tours are worth experiencing.

    The tour started at 6PM, when the tour guide/van picked us up from Villa Saturnina. The first stop was a buffet dinner at Asturias Hotel. There was a wedding reception at the usual venue/dining area, so they in ...