Irawan Eco Park

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The Irawan Eco Park located south of Puerto Princesa is a 3,000 hectares Flora and Fauna Protected Area which forms part of the Irawan Watershed. The word "Irawan" means "lamp" in Filipino language literally, indigenous tribes lighted up fire on the bamboo during the nights in Irawan Forest, that is the original use since colonized period by Japan.

Irawan Eco Park News

  • Puerto Princesa Palawan An Urban Day Tour Guide For First Timers

    Puerto Princesa Palawan An Urban Day Tour Guide For First Timers

    You?ve never been to Palawan if you havent set foot on its beautiful capital, Puerto Princesa.

  • A Birdy Morning At Irawan

    A Birdy Morning At Irawan

    On our first full day in Puerto Princesa, we had a full day ahead. For our morning, we planned on an early start by birding at Irawan Eco Park. The last time I had attempted birding there was waaaaaaay back in 2009 during the bird festival! It wasn't a place I was familiar with, but Adri had been there several times.

  • Finally Back In Puerto Princesa

    Finally Back In Puerto Princesa

    A long, long time ago (in 2002) my family spent the summer vacation months in Puerto Princesa in Palawan. My dad was based there for work and the whole family was able to spend a lot of time in Puerto with him. We went to the beach, the Underground River, island hopping in Honda Bay, ate pizza in Casa Rosa in Roxas (my favorite!), went to the beach again, island hopping but I never paid attention to the birds. I wasn't a birdwatcher then.

    So, ever since I got into birding, going back to Puerto Princesa for the birds has always been on my mind. It took me more than 5 years (and a lot of excu ...

  • Siberian Blue Robin

    The Siberian Blue Robin seen in Irawan Eco Park Palawan.

  • A Trip To Puerto Princesa Palawan

    A Trip To Puerto Princesa Palawan

    Palawan offers great holiday activities and opportunities, with its stunning wildlife and vistas. During my trip to Puerto Princesa, I was able to experience various tours that, I think, would suit people of all ages. With guides and travel operators who really care about their place, you can take the following tours to explore the beautiful city.

    City Tour

    The city of Puerto Princesa is a tropical paradise with a bustling urban center that is perfect for business with leisure trips. Its white-sand beaches and lush rainforests are simply hours away from the city proper, and by checking t ...

  • Five Days Custom Tour To Palawan

    Five Days Custom Tour To Palawan

    Day 1 - We took an early morning flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. After a short stop at our hotel, we made our way to the Irawan Eco Park to spend several hours in our first stop on this beautiful and exotic Island. As soon as we arrived, we started to hike around in search of our first Palawan endemics and also for other specialties that can be seen on this island. We saw Blue-naped Parrots, Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo, Chestnut-breasted Malkoha, and our first Palawan Hornbill of the trip which was seen and photographed well. We enjoyed scoping views of this stunning Hornbill ...