Hidden Lagoon

Coron, Palawan

Hidden Lagoon is located in Coron, Palawan. It is hidden between massive walls of limestone rocks and the waters is clear and calm.

Hidden Lagoon News

  • Coron Palawan Amazing Place To Be

    Here are some of the Islands and beaches you should include to your list when you were planning to visit in Coron.

    * Kayangan Lake
    * Atwayan
    * Coral Garden
    * Hidden Lagoon
    * CYC Island
    * Quine Peak Reef
    * Barracuda Lake
    * Twin Lagoon
    * Skeleton wreck
    * Smith Beach

  • Island Hopping In Paradise, El Nido Palawan

    Island hopping in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. March 2017. Secret beaches, hidden lagoons and crystal clear waters.

  • Coron Islands Tour

    Coron Islands Tour

    A beauty on the far west of the Philippines. A town any Filipino and foreigners would know. Popular as it can deliver, because almost all parts of its sea is a coral heaven.

    A tricycle driver once said to me that Coron is the Land of Paradise. Great beaches, beautiful corals, diverse marine life. Even if one's entrance fee goes up to Php 300 per person per day, people would pay the price. Sounds absurd, but we don't know how much a nature-savvy guy would pay for the experience, especially if Coron can provide a different world underneath. Interesting!

    Though the town can offer different ...

  • El Nido Tour C Secret And Hidden Beaches

    El Nido Tour C Secret And Hidden Beaches

    If you'll have an ultimate destination in your bucket list in the Philippines, it should be El Nido!

    Dubbed as one of the best islands in the world , this archipelago will surely captivate you with its white beaches, stunning rock formations and limestone cliffs. The question is, if you will spend like a few days in El Nido, what would you do? I recommend that you avail the island hopping tours.

    And definitely one of the best is El Nido Tour C. This tour covers the best and most adventurous beaches. It will entail a lot of swimming yet every destination is truly worth it. So let's start. ...

  • Solowista In Coron Palawan

    Solowista In Coron Palawan

    In April of this year, I chanced upon a seat sale flight to Coron by SkyJet Airlines. The said airline had also promotions on its flights to Batanes, but the fare was still expensive. I got my round trip ticket to Coron for P1,942.80. It was my first time to book a flight and that being said (because of this "there is always a first time" thing), I forgot to consider the time of my flights, departure from Manila was 14:10 and from Busuanga 12:00H, not ideal if you want to maximize your 3D2N stay. Because of that, I had to carefully plan my do-it-yourself itinerary to be able to make the most o ...

  • The Hidden Lagoon At Coron Palawan

    The Hidden Lagoon located in the municipality of Coron, Palawan, Philippines.