Fuerza de Santa Isabel or Fort Santa Isabelle

Taytay, Palawan

Fuerza de Santa Isabel (Fort Santa Isabelle) has withstood the test of time, and it is in good condition. The fort is popular with the tourists and it is worth a visit. The original name of the fort was "Fuerza de Santa Isabel", but it is now more commonly called Fort Isabel. It was built by the Augustinian Recollects and construction commenced in 1667. With forced local labor and much hardship, i ...

t was completed in 1738. Standing on the fort looking out over the shallows of the bay, one feels that this was a place where Philippine history was made. The ghosts of the battles still seem to linger - the Moro warriors in their brightly colored garments and the Spanish soldiers firing at them with their huge brass cannons. Some of these cannons are still standing today. (A reenactment of one of these battles would be a spectacular tourist event.)

UNESCO describes the fort thus -"a quadrilateral fort with four bastions each of which has a bartizan. Each bastion is attributed to following Saints; San Toribio, San Miguel, San Juan and Sta. Isabel."

Fuerza de Santa Isabel or Fort Santa Isabelle News

  • 350-year-old Spanish Fort In Palawan To Undergo Restoration

    350-year-old Spanish Fort In Palawan To Undergo Restoration

    Fort Santa Isabel, a historical landmark in Taytay town in northern Palawan, will undergo restoration starting next month in a bid to preserve and promote the provinces rich heritage.

    Town tourism officer Joie Matillano said the restoration of the over 350-year old fort is one of the priority projects of the municipal government to reinvigorate the Taytay's tourism industry.

    "Through this effort, we will be able to maintain the towns heritage and cultural pride," he told Rappler in a phone interview on Thursday, February 8.

    With the guidance of the National Historical Commission of th ...

  • Taytay An Unexplored Piece Of Paradise In Palawan

    Taytay An Unexplored Piece Of Paradise In Palawan

    You may have already known that a Taytay exists ??" Taytay, Rizal that is. But the Taytay we are referring to here is located in that slice of heaven we call Palawan. Knowing the beauty of Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa, surely there must be some place else in this province that offers the same but less tourist-y. Well, you won't be disappointed as Taytay, Palawan can offer just that.

    What to do in Taytay

    Well, island hopping has become synonymous with beaches in the Philippines. Almost anywhere you go, there will be people offering you trips across the different islands close by. Gi ...

  • Treasures Of Taytay Palawan

    Treasures Of Taytay Palawan

    The Dalai Lama said, "once a year, go someplace you've never been before," and I couldn't agree more. How exciting it is to go somewhere new each and every year. More than that, how fulfilling it is to immerse in a different culture; to meet new people along the way; and to delight in the untouched, wonderful gifts of nature. This quote inspired me to travel often and explore the country and its many hidden corners. While others are going gaga over the more popular destinations, I try to find peace in unadulterated islands or coves; in roads less-traveled. This year, one of the destinations I' ...

  • The unexplored paradise of Taytay Palawan A Biyahe ni Drew itinerary

    The unexplored paradise of Taytay Palawan A Biyahe ni Drew itinerary

    We're all familiar with Coron, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido in Palawan but we've proven in Biyahe ni Drew that the province has a lot more to offer. Would you believe that we've found another beautiful gem in Palawan?

    The island of Taytay is located in the northern part of Palawan. Back in the 1600's, the island wasn't as quiet as it is now because it used to be the capital of the province.

    How to get there:
    From Manila, you can take a one-hour plane ride going to the airport of Puerto Prinsesa. From Puerto Princesa terminal, you can take a van going to Taytay which will take around thr ...

  • Fuerza de Santa Isabel Taytay Palawan

    Fuerza de Santa Isabel Taytay Palawan

    In the historical town of Taytay in the island province of Palawan in the Philippines, there lies a very old structure called Fuerza de Santa Isabel or Fort of Santa Isabel. Locally known as "Kuta", this Fort was built in 1667 by the Augustinian Recollect Fathers in honor of the Spanish Queen Isabela II.

    It was a practice during those times that Spanish settlements should be protected against pirates and marauders. So, its armed forces should be housed in a strong and high fortress to defend its territory and people. The earliest wave of Spanish explorers founded the town of Taytay in the y ...

  • Fuerza de Sta Isabel Your Romatic Lovebird Paradise in Taytay Palawan

    Fuerza de Sta Isabel Your Romatic Lovebird Paradise in Taytay Palawan

    Bind by history, the galleons and wars; fortified by canons, still standing and boasting its existence shown by the tick moss covered walls guarding the society of its time. It never fails to amaze thy soul when these tick wall build to protect from the possible invasions of the barbaric period of humanity; still standing as it is for the consumption of the sons and daughter it served beforehand.

    I went to Taytay alone after the three overwhelming days in El Nido Palawan. I headed straight to the most famous landmark of this small municipality in Palawan - the kuta or the Fuerza de Sta. I ...