Estrella Falls

Narra, Palawan

Estrella Falls are located in Aborlan, Narra, Palawan. The Estrella Falls in Narra, Palawan is a popular picnic destination for locals and especially family groups. 95 kilometers away to the south of Puerto Princesa City, this secluded destination features a refreshing swimming area with cascading cool waters from a 20 ft high falls.

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  • Exploring Southern Palawan: Chasing Waterfalls In Narra

    Exploring Southern Palawan: Chasing Waterfalls In Narra

    More than sprawling pristine beaches in northern Palawan, there's a whole lot of unexplored beauty in this paradise of an island province. For a totally different Palawan experience, head down south and be amazed by its off-the-beaten upland destinations.

    In Narra town, 92 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa City, spend a week or two chasing its stunning waterfalls. To guide you better, we've listed below 4 waterfalls you can visit for your holiday adventure in southern Palawan:

    Estrella Falls

    Estrella Falls is the place to go, especially for those who need a short break from their da ...

  • Summer Class Escapade At Estrella Falls Narra Palawan

    Summer class escapade at estrella falls.

    Good firends, Good food, Good times.

    Marshmallow - Alone

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  • Palawan Escapade

    Palawan Escapade

    One of the best ??" literally the best ??" vacation getaway is to go to Palawan in the Philippines, one that has the 7 wonders of the world. If you're a nature lover and loves to have a peaceful relaxation and wants to get away from everything, you should definitely visit Palawan. There are many tourist spots that you can find in there. And I would like to share to you guys some of them.

    Cowrie Island

    Upon arrival in Puerto Princesa, we went right away to Cowrie Island. We took a boat to get in there, more like 10 minutes from port to the island. There are other islands that are availab ...

  • You Should Meet Narra A Destination Worth Your Time In Palawan

    You Should Meet Narra A Destination Worth Your Time In Palawan

    For most tourists, Palawan is the home of Honda Bay, the Underground River, Sunken Japanese Wrecks, Tabon Caves, the Crocodile Farm, the Safari Park, Coron Island and the Calamian Islands. But about 96 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City is a place that is equally charming but less frequented: Narra.

    Narra is an acronym for National Resettlement Rehabilitation Administration. The program was established in 1954 as an effort to resettle the landless in Luzon. Known as the Rice Granary of Palawan, Narra is the main producer of rice in the province. An annual festival celebrating their m ...

  • Estrella Falls Review In Narra Palawan Philippines

    Estrella Falls Review In Narra Palawan Philippines

    This post is an Estrella Falls review. Estrella Falls is found in Barangay Estrella in the town of Narra. Narra is on Palawan Island in the Philippines. This Estrella Falls review also contains costs, directions, pictures and other useful information.

    Estrella Falls is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Narra. My Filipina friend just picked me up on a motorcycle one afternoon and that is where we ended up.

    Estrella Falls Review, Narra

    Cost(s): Free, I think. Maybe they charge on weekends.

    Address: Barangay Estrella, Narra, Palawan, Philippines.

    I was pretty happy to be d ...

  • El Nido Palawan And Beyond

    El Nido Palawan And Beyond

    My seven days stay in Palawan was very short considering the vast wonders that this archipelago offers. It was the journey I had been waiting for many years.

    Palawan is one of the most visited places for both Filipinos and foreign tourists alike. It is renowned for its beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, secret lagoons, amazing rock formations, protected underground river, waterfalls, hot springs and the rest goes on. Adding to the beautiful island is the gastronomic "Nido (bird's nest) soup" partnered with seafood menus freshly catch from the sea and not to forget ??" the local ...