Entalula Island

El Nido, Palawan

Entalula Island is one of the most romantic spots in El Nido, Entalula is magical because of its pristine beach with bent coconut trees, and the colorful marine life in its coral reef. Activities offered are snorkeling, diving, water sports activities and rock climbing, at certain times of the year.

This the best beach in the whole Bacuit Bay in El Nido. This is a private beach wher ...

e Lagen and Miniloc tourists can reserve this for a private lunch or dinner - El Nido style. Lagen residents are given priority when reserving and since it is private, the people from El Nido town cannot visit here. So you need to take advantage of this and I suggest that you pre-arrange your lunch here because people who have been to El Nido would surely reserve this in advance. This is best if you have your friends or family with you and you'll have an awesome experience here.

Entalula Island News

  • Exploring The Beauty Of El Nido

    Exploring The Beauty Of El Nido

    Exquisite. perhaps the perfect word to describe the beauty of the place. with its aquamarine waters and crystallized white sand along with its majestic cliffs and caves you can say visiting El Nido was like having all the beach in the Philippines in one place. The place was amazing. each Island has its own beauty to offer. the pictures weren't enough to capture the beauty of the place itself . you shoud see it with your own eyes and be awestruck.

    We travelled via air through a local airline. some tips though, when planning your travel I would suggest that you give enough time allowance for ...

  • Diving El Nido

    Diving El Nido

    El Nido, The Nest in Spanish is situated in the North East of Palawan, Philippines. It was named after its main resource (until tourism arrived) - the edible nest of the swift, which for hundreds of years has been much sought after by Chinese traders as the key ingredient of birds' nest soup. In 1954 the town's name was changed from Bacuit to its present name title.

    El Nido is one of the gems of Palawan. A small Philippine town which is slowly becoming popular with tourist.

    The beach is where you will find most of the dive centres, and this is where most of the 'island hopping' tours sta ...

  • El Nido For The Spoiled Traveler

    El Nido For The Spoiled Traveler

    Im a spoiled traveler every time I go to El Nido Resorts in Palawan. I choose either the Miniloc or Lagen Islands for a holiday.

    This time, however, the situation is different. I'm going there for work, do a shoot from scratch and within a budget.

    Bringing three Brazilian models, my crew and myself involves a big sum for plane tickets because I want to fly directly to Lio Airport in El Nido town. That way, I can save time; the longer route via Puerto Princesa includes a six-hour land trip.

    Airswift is the choice airline because it will spare us the grueling six-hour drive from Puerto ...

  • What Makes Palawan The Worlds Best Island

    What Makes Palawan The Worlds Best Island

    Named the world's best island by Conde Nast Traveler's Reader Choice Awards for 2014 and 2015, Palawan is considered "the last ecological frontier" of the Philippines. The Palawan Biosphere Reserve is a cluster of islands composed of one long main island and smaller groups of islands around it. The 1,150,800 hectares of the biosphere reserve include the entire province of Palawan Island, which is the westernmost province of the Philippines.

    According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Palawan is an archipelago composed of the main island and mo ...

  • Redoing Tour B Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan Philippines

    Redoing Tour B Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan Philippines

    Last week I was superbly stressed that I wanted to let go of work, disconnect, take a rest and do something out of my daily routine. I decided to go to El Nido and do Tour B. (Perks of living in Mainland Palawan I could travel to El Nido in a whim.) Since it was a spur of the moment decision I availed the tour solo.

    Why Tour B?

    The best island hopping tours in El Nido are Tour A and Tour C, these tours are action packed since you needed to swim to get inside Small Lagoon, Hidden Beach or Secret Beach. I want something relaxing where I could enjoy the view, feel the splash and just get my ...

  • My El Nido

    My El Nido

    Mariglo Laririt welcomes us at El Nido Airport in Palawan and after the initial introductions, proceeds to inspect our footwear, worried about the muddy, slippery path to her home at the foot of a mountain. A typhoon just swept through the province and brought with it pouring rain.

    "Are those Havaianas?" she asks the photographer's assistant. "And yours?" She turns to me, looking at my rubber slip-ons before deciding that they'll do. "If you can't make it, I can have someone carry you to the house," she said. I began to laugh at the image in my head, me being carried like a dead log by a st ...