Elephant Cave Karst Mountain


The Elephant Cave boasts its unspoiled limestone and excellent formations which can be found in Palawan.

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  • Birding By The Road Buenavista-Tagabinet-Cabayugan

    Birding By The Road Buenavista-Tagabinet-Cabayugan

    Spectacular scenery and great birds: it's easy birding by the highway in Puerto Princesa, so we stuck to our tried-and-tested, except this time we did a reversal of the usual routine.

  • A DIY Tour Of The Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

    A DIY Tour Of The Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

    A couple of weeks have already passed since I went on a Tao Expedition in Palawan, but I'm still hung up on the experience.

    Palawan is beautiful, no one can argue with that.

    In fact, in the latest survey of their readers, the Conde Nast Traveler has again included Palawan in the top 5 most beautiful islands in the world, where it once hogged the first place three years running.

    While writing about my experience with Tao Expedition, though, I was distracted by a question from a couple of readers: is it possible to go on a DIY (do it yourself) tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground Riv ...

  • Puerto Princesa Palawan The Home Of One Of The 7 Wonders Of Nature

    Puerto Princesa Palawan The Home Of One Of The 7 Wonders Of Nature

    My sisters "by heart" and I have been dreaming to go together on a trip for a long time already. And one of the struggles in planning this kind of tour is how our scheds would match, so surely, one of the solutions that we could possibly think of would be to book an actual ticket that will instantly be paid so that nobody could back out because "Bayad na eh! Sayang naman diba?" So we were very fortunate that Manejkom Travel & Tours was able to offer us with a Puerto Princesa Barkada Package for a very cheap price which we didn't let go! We instantly booked with Manejkom Travel & Tours wherein ...

  • 11 Amazing Destinations In Puerto Princesa Palawan

    11 Amazing Destinations In Puerto Princesa Palawan

    If you want an adventure-packed vacation this summer, then head off to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Considered to be an eco-tourism destination, Puerto Princesa is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the Philippines. And if you haven't heard by now, the island of Palawan has a number of amazing attractions all located within a compact region, which is why this is always among the favorites of tourists.

    If all those are not convincing enough to visit Puerto Princesa this summer, then here are the top 11 attractions in the city that will make you want to book that plane ticket.

    1. Pue ...

  • The Journey Reveals

    The Journey Reveals

    Driving back to Sabang didn't have quite the same excitement as it did on the first attempt; much of the road had been traversed already. There's something inviting about knowing that every turn, every slight bend of the road would eventually reveal a new piece of terrain, or patch of jungle. Up until Teresa and I sped through Buena Vista for the third time in 24 hours, we didn't get that distinct pleasure that comes with a fresh road. While it was still a peaceful and beautiful drive, time speeds by quicker when you know exactly how long it'll take to reach a destination.

    When we passed Bu ...

  • Philippines 2015 - El Nido Puerto Princesa Palawan And Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan

    10 years later... I'm back in the Philippines. It was such a blessing to come back to make new memories with some all time favorite people.

    Places Visited: El Nido, Palawan
    - Shimizu Island
    - Big Lagoon
    - Secret Lagoon

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    - Underground River
    - Sabang Zipline
    - Baker's Hill
    - Elephant Cave

    Pangasinan, Philippines
    - Hundred Islands (Alaminos City)
    - Dagupan City
    - Malasiqui