El Nido

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido really is a magical place. From its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, many refer to it as paradise. There are over 50 beaches to discover, so many in fact that sometimes you feel as if you are on your own secluded private beach. You will also find enchanting lagoons with tranquil turquoise-green water, caves that can take you to hidden beac ...

hes, and a very diverse variety of wildlife.

El Nido is a top destination for island hopping, book your boat, take some food, some drinks in a cool box and disappear into the heavenly marine reserve that is Bacuit Bay. It is a truly relaxing and inspiring place; Alex Garland wrote "The Beach" while living here. Scuba diving is also a popular activity here with over 30 dive sites for varying levels and skills; from taking the plunge and learning to dive for the first time, to perfecting your expertise and advancing your qualifications.

El Nido News

  • El Nido Kayak Sunset Adventure

    El Nido Kayak Sunset Adventure

    When in El Nido it is obligatory to do an island hopping tour. I did tour A and loved it, it was unbelievable. However, with organized tours come crowds and time restrictions. So several days after the tour, Jorden and I rented a double kayak at midday for 400 pesos or $8 USD.

  • One Tour You Need To Take Palawan, Philippines

    El Nido to Coron, Palawan, Philippines - 5-Day Tao Expedition from El Nido, Palawan to Coron, Palawan - one of the most popular areas of The Philippines.

    As you may know already if you've been watching this channel for some time - I don't usually like group tours. This Tao Expedition however, was much different.

  • Climbing And Deep Water Soloing In The Philippines - Palawan, Cebu, Siquijor

    After seing the movie 'Deep Water Soloing Exploration' by Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson (Once Upon A Climb), we decided to go climbing in The Philippines for 1 month! In this Vlog, you will discover 4 incredible places where we found the rock of freedom.


    We definitely had some fun there, and we hope you'll enjoy the trip with us. If you want to plan a Deep Water Soloing / Rocklimbi ...

  • Why El Nido In The Philippines Is A Good Destination For Your First Solo Travel Trip

    Why El Nido In The Philippines Is A Good Destination For Your First Solo Travel Trip

    Solo travel is not for everyone, but I know a few who wants to try it once in their lifetime. I first traveled alone more than ten years ago in Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Philippines. I have always wanted to visit the place since I was in college but I couldn't find anyone to go with me. When I was already working, I decided to go alone the day after my 25th birthday. I had a great time during that trip and nothing bad happened to me.

  • Coron To El Nido By Fast Ferry (Updated Schedule And Rates)

    Coron To El Nido By Fast Ferry (Updated Schedule And Rates)

    When we talk about the best islands in the world, Palawan is always on the to list. And as a Filipino, I can honestly say that when you visit the Philippines, you shouldn't miss this island province.

  • Island Hopping In El Nido

    Island Hopping In El Nido

    Island hopping in El Nido should be on the top of any travelers list when visiting the Philippines. El Nido has definitely received a ton of attention over the past few years which has resulted in a spike in tourism. While this has had many benefits on the area's economy, it also means that many of the islands have become quite saturated with tourists!