Duli Beach

El Nido, Palawan

Duli Beach is located in the west of the Philippines, in the north of the Island Palawan, 25 km above El Nido town in the Barangay Bucana. This is 2 km long beach, clear blue water, wide white sandy beach, many palm trees, jungle backed, rocky parts on the side.

Duli Beach News

  • My Travel In El Nido Palawan

    My Travel In El Nido Palawan

    We walked along the beach, hand in hand, after months apart. We picked our way through the rocks and tried to get used to the sound of each other's voices without the static from thousands of miles of distance and poor wifi connections. I glanced up from the smooth, wet sand and gasped.

    "Babe!" My voice was a reverent whisper. "Look at that!"

    We stopped, suspended in awe for one heartbeat, two heartbeats, three heartbeats.

    What is it about a sunset that makes you feel like our world isn't just an insignificant speck in the vastness of the cosmos, but the biggest, most beautiful canvas ...

  • Paradiso Palawan Day 3  At  Duli Beach And Nagkalit-kalit Falls

    Paradiso Palawan Day 3 At Duli Beach And Nagkalit-kalit Falls

    For our Day 3, my friends and I were having a hard time deciding where will we be going because the weather was not as sunny as the day before. But since we don't want to waste a precious day in El Nido, we decided to visit the 20km white sand marvel of Duli Beach and Nagkalit-kalit Falls, which our host gladly suggested.

    We again hired Kuya Buknoy's tap-down for the day. He informed us ahead though that the road going to Duli Beach was a bit difficult so we still need to walk. Well, that's not a problem for us adventure-seeking kids! Game on!

    Although the sky was a bit gloomy, the sight ...

  • Motorcycle Ride And Secluded Beaches

    Motorcycle Ride And Secluded Beaches

    On our fourth day in El Nido we decided to hire a motorcycle and explore further north of El Nido, just a change from the island hopping tours the day before (the tours we did were Tour A and Tour C) For Php700 (US$16) we can have a semi-automatic clutch motorcycle for the day. El Nido town has shops with motorcycles for hire, the third one we inquired still had some left. This was about 9 o'clock in the morning. It's a good thing my husband knows how to handle a motorbike. His skills were tested navigating through the country roads north of El Nido.

    We stopped by the Municipal Tourism Offi ...

  • Duli Beach A Remote Beauty In Northern Palawan Philippines

    A lot of travelers to El Nido miss visiting some of its most beautiful beaches on the mainland. Some diehards brave the sand flies and visit the very scenic Nacpan beach, but only a few crazy travelers brave the bad roads and cross green paddy fields to reach a section of forest that leads to the Duli beach.

    To the outside world, Duli does not exist, but if you check with the locals, they will guide you towards a small dirt track that is navigable by foot, bike and motorbike. This stretch through paddy fields and forests leads to a very remote stretch of beach flanked by tall hills on eith ...

  • Duli Beach El Nido Palawan Philippines 2012

    Duli Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, 2012.

  • Duli Beach Northern Palawan

    Duli Beach Northern Palawan

    Duli Beach might become a surfers paradise some day. This beach has no road going to it and it is not on any of the tourists planned day trips.

    I think the reason is that there is a steady surf and the boats would not be able to unload the tourists with out loosing half of them.

    I hope that there are some surfers that can enlighten me about if this is what they are looking for. I have always admired these guys ??" you can be in the middle of nowhere and some guy with dreads will show up with three surf boards on the top of a beat up old bus, ready to go.

    Here is how to get to Duli.