Dimakya Island

Coron, Palawan

Dimakya Island is one of many small islets in Northern Coron, Palawan. The place is a little wilder than most, which is just great. A mere 60 minutes by plane southwest from Manila, and another 60 minutes ride by land and by sea is the 19-hectare island of Dimakya.

Dimakya is truly blessed with nature's bounty. A scene of the beachIt prides of seven hundred meters of white talcum-so ...

ft sandy beaches which gently slope into the shimmering clear blue waters between Luzon Sea to the north and Sulu Sea from the south.The island itself offers exotic wildlife such as the endangered species of the endemic Calamian deer, Palawan peacock, scaly anteater, monitor lizards and various rare birds including eagles which thrive on the dense forest.

Dimakya Island News

  • Deep From Underneath The Water

    Deep From Underneath The Water

    Photos should be able to make people appreciate the beauty and richness of our marine resources to raise their awareness which could translate into them taking action to help protect these valuable resources.'- Danny Ocampo.

    Imagine what happens when a person not only becomes a photographer but also chooses to immerse himself in an underwater world. Danny Ocampo chose this for himself early on when he became a certified scuba diver. He already was into photography using a Kodak Instamatic with disposable flash cubes. He soon graduated to the venerable Nikonos III. The photos were "not spect ...

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    Baler is a great tourist destination and for two days we were able to explore some wonderful natural attractions. Sabang beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline with soft and shallow ocean bed. It is a haven for surfers and an ideal place for those who want to learn to surf. Numerous surf shops are situated along the beach. We hiked up Ermita Hills in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali. From the top of the hill, we had seen the stunning view of Baler Bay, Dima-Dimangalat and Aniao Islets. We went to a small waterfalls called Diguisit Waterfalls and enjoyed a refreshing swi ...

  • North Palawan Island Hopping From Dimakya Island

    North Palawan Island Hopping From Dimakya Island

    If both Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure call a place the "most beautiful island in the world", you simply have to check it out. Meet Palawan, an island region in the Philippines. I was in the country for TBEX, the world's largest travel blogger conference. And I just couldn't resist taking a side trip for some Palawan island hopping, to see if the rumours about its beauty were true. Spoiler alert: Totally, absolutely and unequivocally true.

    Palawan is huge, and with my three days that I had available, there was no way I could check it all out, I had to pick a small area and make a decisio ...

  • Tropical Wonder

    Tropical Wonder

    The speedboat zips through the water, leaving a trail of froth behind it. The watercraft bobs up and down as it hits the waves and the salty water splashes in for a ride, hitting the faces of nature-deprived tourists from the big city. From a distance, an island clears into view, half of its shores surrounded by white sand while the other by sharp limestone rocks. As the boat nears it, every passenger gasps in amazement at the sight of the clear turquoise waters. Pulling out his/her phone and camera, each astonished guest snaps a photo (or two or 20) of the jaw-dropping, totally Instagrammable ...

  • A Dream Vacation In Club Paradise Coron Palawan

    A Dream Vacation In Club Paradise Coron Palawan

    Waking up at two in the afternoon is a regular thing for me. It's been a year since I've change my sleeping routine because of work. It was a Sunday, I got up and cooked late lunch. While I was sitting at my table, I remembered something. A memory that seems like a dream. Six hours ago (as we were writing this article), I was waving goodbye to the very accommodating crew of Club Paradise in Palawan. It was surreal and it felt like the whole experience was just a dream.

    Two days ago …
    We arrived at Busuanga around 9:45am. It was a 45 minute or less flight. Coron is located at the northern ...

  • Large Fruit Bats That Looks Like Leaves On Trees

    From a distance, they look like leaves on the trees but as you take a little closer you'll see these large fruit bats hanging upside down. I tried to get closer. They weren't dangerous but just be careful not to get pooped on. It's amazing to watch them fly in and out of the island, they go in groups so make sure you have your camera handy while you're there.