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  • Search For Kiteboarding Stars Resume In Palawan Tiff

    Search For Kiteboarding Stars Resume In Palawan Tiff

    The search for the country's kiteboarding heroes continues when ICTSI and the Philippine Kiteboarding Association team up to host the fourth installment of their kiteboarding competition starting on November 24 in Cuyo Island, Palawan.

    PKA president Jay Ortiz said that since the sport is now part of the 2018 World Youth Olympics in Argentina and that there is a possibility it will be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, they're stepping up their efforts to find potential talents.

    "PKA is also aimed at building the next generation of kiteboarding superstars by developing grassroots progra ...

  • Cuyo Palawan An Island Faraway

    Cuyo Palawan An Island Faraway

    Cuyo Island, the largest among the islands of Cuyo Archipelago in Palawan covers the municipalities of Cuyo and Magsaysay. This silent island measures 57 square kilometers. Cuyo is said the be the home of a Spanish Fort with its high stone walls sheltering a church and a convent.

    After an unplanned trip to Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, I was back to Iloilo by 2 pm. For hours, I waited anywhere for the time to board the ship to Cuyo Island. On board, I entertained myself shooting the sunset.

    The boat (MV Milagrosa) departed from Iloilo port by 7:00 pm. I could hardly sleep du ...

  • Looking For My Father On Cuyo Island

    Looking For My Father On Cuyo Island

    A few decades ago, I was born in Cuyo, a small island of 22,000 square miles off Palawan.

    There, my father, as chief and resident physician of Cuyo District Hospital from 1936 to 1943, delivered most of the babies. These included me and my four other siblings as our father was the only doctor on the island at the time.

    For the work he was doing for the people, he was recognized as "Son of Cuyo" by municipal edict in 1940.

    After 1943, we stayed a few more years on the island because my father joined the guerrillas, serving as medical officer of a unit of the U.S. armed forces. Shortly ...

  • Cuyo Island Palawan A Travel Guide

    Cuyo Island Palawan A Travel Guide

    The Cuyo Archipelago (also known as the Cuyo Islands) are a group of small islands located in the middle of the Sulu Sea between Palawan and Panay. The administrative and commercial center of the islands is Cuyo town on the western half of Cuyo Island. Pamalican Island, where the exclusive luxury resort of Amanpulo is located, is the northernmost island belonging to the municipality of Cuyo. The eastern half of Cuyo Island belongs to the municipality of Magsaysay, where Cuyo Airport is located. Meanwhile, the northeast islands form the municipality of Agutaya. The local languages are Cuyonon ...

  • Capusan Beach Rising Destination For Kiteboarding In Cuyo

    Capusan Beach Rising Destination For Kiteboarding In Cuyo

    Capusan Beach in Cuyo is fast rising to be a kiteboarder's haven in this small island. Just opposite the municipality's wharf, it has a wide sandy beach that tapers into a sandbar. The water is pristine and during the Amihan, northwest monsoon (October-March), it's quite windy.

    It has been eight long years since I first visited the island of Cuyo when I did a coffee table book project on Philippine heritage churches. I got fascinated with the island and vowed to come back and explore more, especially Agutaya.

    I remember bathing in this strip of sand way back. I had the beach all to mysel ...

  • Cuyo Island Snorkeling

    Little did we know what lay beneath...