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  • Culion Palawan Travel Guide

    Blissfully situated in the Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan, Philippines, the municipality of Culion is an erstwhile leper colony during the American colonial period. It was picked as a colony because of its sheer isolation, and its topography offers great opportunities to leprosy-inflicted patients to engage in agricultural activities.

    Culion was once the largest leper colony in the world.

    In 1906, the first group of patients from Cebu arrived in Culion aboard two coastguard cutters. Leprosy was perceived as infectious and incurable disease back in the days. By 1907, the Leprosy Seg ...

  • 10 Things To Do In Coron Palawan

    The boatman signals me to snorkel further to see the extensive growth of corals, which he says look like a human brain. According to him, sightings of the Black Tip Sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, Eagle Rays and Bumpheads have been reported in the area so I maintain a sharp lookout for them as I swim across the profusion of healthy Cabbage Corals and Elephant Ear sponges.

    Large coral tables, densely surrounded by soft and branching corals, serve as playground to a school of butterfly fish, whose flat disk-shaped bodies glisten with hues of yellow and red. Startled by my presence, a group of speck ...

  • A Trip To Culion Palawan The Land Of No

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    Somewhere in Palawan, just a few hours away from Coron, is an island that has been cut off from the rest of the Philippines for more than a hundred years. Welcome to Culion, Palawan, often called “the land of no return” because of its unique history.

    In the past, people established leper colonies because of the belief that isolating patients with leprosy is on ...

  • Snorkeling In Culion Palawan

    We went snorkeling late this afternoon at Crowning Glory Reef in Culion, Palawan, Philippines. Fantastic corals! Thank you Kawil Tours for taking us there!