Comiran Island

Balabac, Palawan

Comiran Island, also called Camiaran Island, is located in the municipality of Balabac, Palawan province. It is a small privately owned uninhabited island surrounded by fine mix of crush red and white corals.

Comiran Island or Camiaran News

  • A Guide To Balabac Island Hopping In Palawan

    A Guide To Balabac Island Hopping In Palawan

    Balabac has so much to offer in terms of island hopping experience. There is a total of 31 islands in Balabac, Palawan. Many of these are home to communities that constitute the 20 barangays in this municipality, and many still that offer pristine beaches for those seeking off-the-beaten summer destinations.

    Hali shot too many beautiful photos of our Balabac island hopping experience, and honestly it's very difficult to choose just a few. I would post everything here if I could.

    Island hopping in the southern edge of Palawan

    Of the islands in Balabac, Onuk Island is probably the most ...

  • Balabac Sojourn Onuk Island Pink Beach and Melville Lighthouse

    Balabac Sojourn Onuk Island Pink Beach and Melville Lighthouse

    It was on our third day in Balabac that we started exploring the islands, our boat captain cum guide was no less than the well versed and knowledgeable Kap Andong of Barangay Poblacion 4 in mainland Balabac. I bet no other person in town knows Balabac more than Kap, he knows the history, the hidden spots, the best beaches and even the little known secrets of the town and its people.

    The water was totally calm that morning, the sky was blue, the horizon was clear and the tide was slowly getting higher, a good day to hop from island to island. By nine in the morning, Louie, Sir Rene and I boa ...

  • Onuk And Comiran Islands

    Onuk And Comiran Islands

    Onuk Island
    Owned by Balabac Mayor Shuaib Astami and family, Onuk Island is an epitome of bliss… and perhaps the more popular destination in the Balabac group of islands ??" well, apart from Punta Sebaring. We owe much of Onuk's "discovery" to famed photographer George Tapan, who captured the essence of this island paradise, earning him the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest (Category: Places) plume.

    Fronting the main beach of Onuk island is a massive reef, rife with a variety of soft and colorful corals that extend towards a sheer drop of about 80 feet, where large pelagic fish swim ...

  • Comiran Island I Need To Reminisce

    Comiran Island I Need To Reminisce

    After booking Puerto Prinsesa for the Mt. Mantalingajan climb, part of me was discussing if I should go back immediately to Manila or explore parts of Palawan, the latter won but the big question was WHERE? Seven years ago was my first time in Palawan and my feet set there by sea that was going to the awesome island of Coron, next was checking out one of the new seven wonders the Underground river and island hopping in Puerto Prinsesa and just last year was a trip to a place that became popular because of the movie "Bourne Legacy" El Nido. I brought out my mobile phone, opened the Maps applica ...

  • The Pink Beach of Balabac Palawan

    The Pink Beach of Balabac Palawan

    You have probably heard of or visited the Subic Beach of Sorsogon and/or Sta. Cruz Island of Zamboanga City , their common denominator the rare pink sand beach! Well, if you think those are the only pink sand beaches in the Philippines, then think again!

    In the southernmost tip of Palawan is a group of islands characterized mostly by its fine white sand except for one Comiran Island.

    Located south of the famous Onuk Island, Comiran Island is a small privately owned uninhabited island surrounded by fine mix of crush red and white corals. It was a surprise discovery during our summer escap ...

  • Travel Guide Balabac

    Travel Guide Balabac

    In the farthermost and south westernmost tip of the province of Palawan is a paradise in its raw state. Where virgin island beaches and perfectly turquoise water are normal scenery, the chorus of rare birds and animals is the typical music! Welcome to Balabac Islands!.

    Situated in the rich water of Sulu Sea, Balabac is a group of 31 islands and islets blessed with unspoiled fine sandy beaches, endemic flora and fauna and rich marine life. It is the last of the last frontier, set in the congruity of the Molbog tribe and the local people.


    Balabac is one of, if not the most diver ...