Cleopatras Needle

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Cleopatra's Needle is considered one of the mystical mountains of Palawan; the name came from the obelisk-like rock structure that is found in its peak. This is the mountain you will pass on the way to the Puerto Princesa Underground River - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous attractions in the province. The environment is extensively covered with forests and full of wildlife. ...

At the summit, if the skies are clear, one will be offered a view of Honda Bay and Sulu Sea as well as South China Sea and of course, a panorama of the city proper.

Cleopatras Needle Forest Reserve News

  • Cleopatras Needle What You Need To Know

    Mountain climbing has crossed my mind several times but I never had the chance to pursue it due to numerous reasons. Lately, however, the stars aligned and the universe conspired to make a lost dream happen: to finally climb a mountain.

    Cleopatra’s Needle is the highest peak among the mountain ranges in Puerto Princesa City, with a height of 1,593masl—the third highest in the province next to Mt. Victoria (Narra) and Mt. Matalingahan. Months ago my mentor asked us if we want to join her in a climb. I said yes right away because I believe that opportunity presented itself. Unknown to me, ...

  • Wildlife Enforcement Volunteers To Patrol Cleopatras Needle

    Twelve volunteers from the indigenous group Batak are now patrolling Mt. Cleopatra's Needle, a newly-declared critical habitat in Puerto Princesa City.

    This as the Wildlife Enforcement Volunteers program of the Centre for Sustainability (CS) was launched on February 13 at Sitio Tagnaya, Barangay Concepcion, Puerto Princesa City.

    Said event was attended by the different government partner agencies, such as the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff, City Environment Natural Resources Office, and Provincial ENRO – Community ENRO Puerto Princesa.

    Prior to the launching cerem ...

  • Cleopatras Needle Project Nominated For Intl Funding NGO Seeks Votes

    The Centre for Sustainability (CS), a Puerto Princesa-based non-profit group, is calling for online votes to support the nomination of the Cleopatra's Needle Restoration Project for the 2017 international funding round of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA).

    The 'Cleopatra's Needle Restoration Project' is competing with three other conservation-oriented projects—located in Romania, Uganda and Mauritius—under the 'Alpine' category. EOCA will award funding support to the project with the highest number of online votes.

    CS's restoration project plans to establish a 10km ...

  • Saving Cleopatra Palawan Mountain Competing For European Funding

    Cleopatra's Needle is the city's tallest mountain with more than 40,000 hectares considered a critical habitat for different flora and fauna.

    It is also one of the candidates for funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

    The Centre for Sustainability, a non-government organization, has applied for a P1.3-million rehabilitation project for Cleopatra's Needle.

    The project includes the restoration of trails, habitat and education.

    "This will enhance visitors' experience and also strengthen the livelihood opportunities for the community and, most importantly, this wil ...

  • The Philippines Declares More Than 100,000 Acres As Critical Habitat

    In November last year, the Philippines declared its largest critical habitat yet.

    Located in the long, narrow Philippine island of Palawan, the new Cleopatra's Needle Critical Habitat (CNCH) is spread across 41,350 hectares (more than 100,000 acres). The second largest critical habitat, Carmen Critical Habitat for Marine Turtles, spans nearly 6,000 hectares.

    Critical habitats — portions of land outside protected areas that have known habitats of threatened or endemic species — are usually small, focusing on one or a few species. For example, the critical habitat declared for the ende ...

  • Save The Binturong Wait Whats A Binturong

    Deep in the few remaining mature forests of the Philippines dwells an animal that defies easy explanation. It's a fuzzy creature, with the squat body of a wolverine and the smirk of a raccoon. A prehensile tail with a bald patch helps the mammal lift its 50-pound body high into the tree canopy, and long, white whiskers give the furball the countenance of a woods wizard. Perhaps most intriguing of all, its anal gland secretions are said to smell like buttered popcorn. Mmmm.

    What is this aromatic chimera? Why, it's a binturong. A binturong? Yes, also called a bearcat. A bearcat? Let me explai ...