Cape Melville Lighthouse

Balabac, Palawan

Cape Melville Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in the island of Balabac, the southernmost point of the province of Palawan in the Philippines. It is also the southwest corner of the archipelago. The first-order light was constructed by the Spaniards to light Balabac Strait, the treacherous body of water that separates the Philippines from the neighboring country of Malaysia.


/> The light is displayed from a 90-ft tall (27.4 m) granite tower, located on a hill 1.5 miles northwestward of the tip of Cape Melville, for a total elevation of 297 ft (90.5m) above sea level. The station was built by the Spanish Government as part of their extensive lighting plan for the archipelago. The lighthouse of Cape Melville was first lit on August 30, 1892. -Wiki

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    Built in late 1800's and currently inactive, Cape Melville Lighthouse is one of the few remaining standing Spanish-era lighthouses in the Philippines. It was first lit in August 30, 1892 to guide ships traversing the waters of Southern Balabac particularly those crossing the sea that separates Palawan and Pulau Banggi of Malaysia. ...

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  • Guiding Lights A Lighthouses In The Philippines

    Guiding Lights a Lighthouses in the Philippines. These are the following:
    - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse or Burgos Lighthouse
    - Cape Melville Lighthouse
    - Cabra Island and Lighthouse
    - Tayid Lighthouse

    Note: Arch 17 project video snippets and photos are not mine!