Candaraman Island

Balabac, Palawan

Candaraman Island is located in Balabac, Palawan. It is a wide stretch of sand bar that exposes itself during low tide. It has very clear waters, and tons of large starfishes can be found in the sand.

Candaraman Island News

  • Backpacking In The Philippines And The Race To Unexplored Destinations

    Anyone can tell you that as early as 3 years ago, local travel wasn't mainstream. In travel speak, it's the good ol' days.

    I could remember walking along the shores of Calaguas in Bicol Province, passing by children playing and a few other tourists having an early-morning swim. My footsteps were the only mark in the sand.

    Things are different now.

    Most people have joined the travel bandwagon, thanks to social media and low-cost airline prices. My Facebook feed is filled with travel posts. For us backpackers, the new challenge is to get to the next destination before it hits the public ...

  • 5 Reasons To Go Camping In Balabac

    Lit by the kaleidoscopic glow of sunset, a bright white egret wades along the edges of the ebbing water, occasionally flicking its wings forward over its head as it hunts for its prey. The tide has abandoned the shore, uncovering swathes of velvety white sand that seem to stretch out to infinity. All is quiet except for the spirited chatter of migratory birds among the pine trees.

    Nature is raw and alive at the tip of the Philippine's last frontier. Tucked away in the south-westernmost part of Palawan, the Balabac Group of Islands is composed of 31 unspoiled islands and 20 small villages th ...

  • A Guide To Balabac Island Hopping In Palawan

    Balabac has so much to offer in terms of island hopping experience. There is a total of 31 islands in Balabac, Palawan. Many of these are home to communities that constitute the 20 barangays in this municipality, and many still that offer pristine beaches for those seeking off-the-beaten summer destinations.

    Hali shot too many beautiful photos of our Balabac island hopping experience, and honestly it's very difficult to choose just a few. I would post everything here if I could.

    Island hopping in the southern edge of Palawan

    Of the islands in Balabac, Onuk Island is probably the most ...

  • Heres What I Learned From Traveling For A Year In The Philippines

    Well, if I'm being honest, not all weekends," begins Renan Barco, the 28-year-old user interface designer employed by Voyager Innovations. "I missed two weekends because I was sick."

    Renan dropped a message on our Facebook Page to show us a year-long adventure that he's compiled in a video. "It's a whole year of traveling the Philippines. I went from Babuyan Island to Onuk in South Palawan, from the summit of Mt. Pulag to the peak of Mt. Apo. The video has been viewed 14k times on YouTube already and it aims to inspire people to travel and discover the Philippines," he says.

    Of course we ...

  • Rombo Balabac Candaraman Island Via Angelas Sandbar And Patawan Islet

    It was a loooong four-and-a-half hour — but fortunately, very scenic — trip from Puerto Prinsesa City (PPC) to the sleepy mining town of Rio Tuba, the jumpoff point to our Balabac exploration.

    Rio Tuba is not what I expected: boisterous, busy, urbanized — an expectation bolstered by the thought that since it is a mining town, commerce must've been teeming. On the contrary, I found a quiet, slow-paced, rustic village very similar to the other towns I have visited outside PPC, like Narra, Quezon and San Vicente, with one very noticeable exception: wide, dusty roads — to accommodate hu ...

  • Candaraman Island Palawan

    Candaraman Island is a island and is located in Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 20 metres.