Busuanga News

  • Sustainable Conservation Of The Mangrove

    The Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) and C3 Philippines are working together to develop a program for a community-led conservation of mangroves and their related resources in barangays Sagrada and Bogtong in Busuanga Municipality, Palawan. The partnership aims to develop a conservation program and at the same time improve the economic condition of the communities.

    Realizing the socioeconomic consequences of mangrove degradation, which can range from an increased risk of flooding to the loss of fish stocks for daily living of families living in the area, C3 and PTFC ...

  • Busuanga Palawan 2016

    My vacation in Palawan Philippines. Enjoy.

    *Turtles in the video were not captured but were saved by a caretaker and to be released into the ocean after 2 weeks.

  • Lost At Sea

    It was my second time in Coron, for this trip I wanted to try something else. I decided to go on a tour to visit the safari and (supposedly) Black Island. However, things didn't go as planned, but the adventurous side of me didn't mind.


    The journey to Calauit started at around 5:30AM, it was a very long boat ride, approximately three and a half hours. Thankfully, the waters were placid and there were no turbulent winds that could have made the trip longer. We passed through different islands, some of which were inhabited by locals, others were nameless. This reminded me of some of ...

  • Look At The Clouds Dibutunay Island ADSC

    Dibutunay Island 20 minutes from La Estancia, Busuanga, Palawan.