Bugsuk Island

Balabac, Palawan

Bugsuk Island is an island barangay in the Balabac municipality of Palawan Province, Philippines. Its area is 119 kmĀ². Eight crewmembers of the USS Flier reached Bugsuk Island after their submarine struck a mine on August 13, 1944, while on surface patrol during World War II.

The survivors, who had been on deck and in the conning tower when the explosion occurred, swam 18 hours to ...

reach an atoll near Bugsuk. Seventy-eight men died on the Flier, including seven who escaped the sub but didn't survive the swim.

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  • Exploring Balabac Palawans Best Beach Destination

    Exploring Balabac Palawans Best Beach Destination

    Imagine this: pristine, bluish water so clear you'd like to stare at it and swim in it for a very long time. Next, think about the finest and whitest sand that you could ever imagine. Touch it, play with it and roll on it. You have to travel for a very long time and maybe spend some fortune but you know it's worth it, because you are into something very special. Yes, you're into something very special because you are in Balabac, Palawan, home of the best beach destinations in the country of the Philippines.

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  • 7 Best Hidden Palawan Islands

    7 Best Hidden Palawan Islands

    The Underground River in Puerto Princesa. The islands of Honda Bay. Dive sites in Coron. Limestone cliffs in El Nido. Palawan Island has a host of natural wonders that make for some of the world's most popular tourist attractions today.

    But did you know that the province still has a number of underrated destinations waiting to be discovered?

    If you are looking to change up your itinerary for your next Palawan island getaway or have always preferred the off-beaten path, here are seven hidden gems you won't want to miss out on.

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  • 5 Reasons To Go Camping In Balabac

    5 Reasons To Go Camping In Balabac

    Lit by the kaleidoscopic glow of sunset, a bright white egret wades along the edges of the ebbing water, occasionally flicking its wings forward over its head as it hunts for its prey. The tide has abandoned the shore, uncovering swathes of velvety white sand that seem to stretch out to infinity. All is quiet except for the spirited chatter of migratory birds among the pine trees.

    Nature is raw and alive at the tip of the Philippine's last frontier. Tucked away in the south-westernmost part of Palawan, the Balabac Group of Islands is composed of 31 unspoiled islands and 20 small villages th ...

  • A Guide To Balabac Island Hopping In Palawan

    A Guide To Balabac Island Hopping In Palawan

    Balabac has so much to offer in terms of island hopping experience. There is a total of 31 islands in Balabac, Palawan. Many of these are home to communities that constitute the 20 barangays in this municipality, and many still that offer pristine beaches for those seeking off-the-beaten summer destinations.

    Hali shot too many beautiful photos of our Balabac island hopping experience, and honestly it's very difficult to choose just a few. I would post everything here if I could.

    Island hopping in the southern edge of Palawan

    Of the islands in Balabac, Onuk Island is probably the most ...

  • Favorite Beach Punta Sebaring Of Bugsuk Island Balabac

    Favorite Beach Punta Sebaring Of Bugsuk Island Balabac

    Let me tease you! They say this beach can fit two soccer fields, I say even three on low tide! The sand ??" white as sugar, fine as powder, soft as cushion! Punta Sebaring is probably the best beach on my list!

    Its name does sounds greek and out of this world. Chances are, it is the very first time that you have heard the place. I am not surprised, Punta Sebaring is that offbeat and remote.

    It is a patch of perfectly fine and white sand situated on the southern tip of Bugsuk Island, one of the islands that comprise the Municipality of Balabac which also happens to be southernmost town of ...

  • Bugsuk Island Palawan Philippines

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