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  • 6.8-talampakang Buwaya Nahuli Sa Palawan ABS-CBN News

    6.8-talampakang Buwaya Nahuli Sa Palawan ABS-CBN News

    Nahuli ng mga residente sa Buligay River sa Barangay Tub-Tub sa bayang ito ang isang buwaya, Huwebes noong nakaraang linggo.

    Sa pagsusuri ng Palawan Council for Sustainable Development at Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) Brooke's Point, isa itong salt water crocodile na may habang 6.8 feet.

  • Fisherman Catches 6-ft Crocodile In Brookes Point

    Fisherman Catches 6-ft Crocodile In Brookes Point

    Talks about a crocodile spotted near the port of the town Brooke's Point might finally put to an end after a 6.2 feet crocodile was caught by a fisherman, January 2, at Sitio Tigaplan, Brgy. Pangobilian in Brooke's Point.

    According to Municipal Councilor Ton Abengoza, a fisherman of the area intentionally caught the reptile for fear that it will victimized residents. Residents immediately turned-over the crocodile to Barangay Chairman Edgar Inso for proper disposition.

    According to Abengoza, they are scheduled to release the crocodile to its natural habitat in compliance to the memorandu ...

  • A Breath Of Fresh Air My Brookes Point Adventure

    A Breath Of Fresh Air My Brookes Point Adventure

    Anything that involves an environmental advocacy never fails to excite me… So when my roommate Teta told me about her flight to Palawan to experience Bantay Kalikasan Eco Academy, I just had to pull out my credit card and book the flight so I could join her. Hey, it's not everyday when you get the opportunity to travel to experience a one of a kind adventure??" a full blast eco-educational tourism adventure!

    So there we were, at the Puerto Princesa Airport… waiting to be picked up by a van that will bring us to Brooke's Point…. then kabooom, in a matter of hours my eyes got to feast o ...

  • How To Leave Brookes Point

    How To Leave Brookes Point

    Brooke's Point was a place I very much enjoyed visiting. Home? No. A place to stay a while, maybe. It certainly was the type of place I could settle and write a book in. No distractions, easy going; with a rustic charm.

    A tourist destination? I think many would be disappointed. There are no lush white sandy beaches, restaurants with stunning variety's of food, and not so much to do. Though I did hear of a resort not so far from the town.

    However, if you're after a piece of real island life … and reality … this might just be the place.

    I walked along the main road backpack in tow. ...