Boayan Island and Marine Reserve

San Vicente, Palawan

Boayan Island and Marine Reserve is the largest island in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines. The island is not alienable nor disposable, categorized as timberland and therefore remains government property belonging to the public.

Boayan Island and Marine Reserve News

  • Philippines Palawan, Diving The Jermil Wreck

    Discover this wreck that few dive in Palawan as it is away from the big tourism areas. It is located in Daplac bay on Boayan Island. Beautiful school of squids at the end! Filmed in May 2017. Thanks to the chief and the local community to keep this wreck a marine park to increase marine life in the bay and for the enjoyment of diving visitors!

  • Sharks Boayan Marine Reserve

    Blacktips sharks in Boayan Marine Reserve at 10 AM.

  • San Vicente Waiting to be discovered

    Palawan is not just about El Nido, Coron or Honda Bay??"to the more adventurous traveler anyway…
    Located 174km northwest of Puerto Princesa City (PPC), the sleepy fishing village of San Vicente is about four hours away by van. If you are coming in from Port Barton??"the municipality's more "touristy" barangay, and home to several resorts and lodging houses??"you can reach San Vicente in 45 minutes via motorized banca. I took the PPC-San Vicente direct route because it is faster and more convenient, with several trips a day beginning at 4AM. On the other hand, there is only one trip per day ...

  • Boayan Island San Vicente Palawan

    Boayan Island San Vicente Palawan

    Nestled in the idyllic surroundings of a forested bay in clear emerald waters, the house of Boayan, a little isle in the South China Sea, is an ideal spot for those in search of secluded comfort.

    Boayan is not a resort, but the home of Philippe, Ditchay and their daughter Amelle. It becomes yours for the duration if your stay. In fact, they literally move out into another house nearby. Domestic help is on call and you can indulge in the services of an incomparable cook ??" Ditchay herself! Given that provisions cannot be obtained easily on the isle, you will be amazed by the excellent varie ...

  • The Island of Boayan and Daplac Beach Cove

    The Island of Boayan and Daplac Beach Cove

    Rest and relaxation are two things that I seek whenever I want a temporary escape from the tedious city life. And one of the best things to do is commune with nature and be at your own paradise. There are lots of places in the Philippines that are worth visiting where you can ponder about nature.

    Palawan is one of the many places that everyone is dreaming of visiting someday. Everyone knows that this island paradise is crammed with natural wonders that are worth discovering. One is the Island of Boayan which is famous because of its hidden cove ??" the Daplac Beach Cove.

    Seeking for some ...

  • San Vicente the next big thing in Philippine tourism

    San Vicente the next big thing in Philippine tourism

    How big is big That's the first question. Second: Do you know the way to San Vicente

    Well, now I do. It's a 3.5-hour drive north from Puerto Princesa. The first two hours are on a good concrete road built by a South Korean contractor, a good part of it still within the city's boundaries, albeit as a national highway ??" until one reaches Roxas town, still on the eastern coastline. The rest of the way it turns rough, veering off northwest to cross the breadth of the island, up and down a mountain to the west coast, where El Nido is also located farther north.

    The first-class municipality ...