Black Island Caves

Busuanga, Palawan

The Malajon Island, commonly known as the Black Island because of its black limestone rocks. It is one of over 80 islands that belong to the Calamian Islands group in Northern Palawan. It is part of Barangay Panlaitan, in the municipality of Busuanga, Province of Palawan.

Gorgeous fine white sand beach and limestone cliffs that reveal a maze of caves. Black island serves as a restin ...

g place for fishermen and a source of edible bird's nest and guano for fertilizers.

Black Island and Caves or Malajon Island News

  • Matanglawin Journey To The Black Island To Find Balinsasayaw Birds Nests

    Kim Atienza heads to Black Island, meets with its locals, and searches for the cave where the elusive balinsasayaw birds' nests can be found.

  • Coron Budget Travel Guide 2017

    Coron Budget Travel Guide 2017

    Once is never enough.

    Heck, when it comes to Coron, four times still won't cut it. This little tourist town in Palawan one of the first destinations we set foot in as travel bloggers, but even after three more visits, we still can't get enough of it. Its jagged corners are bursting with natural beauty and cultural significance: from the lakes and lagoons of Coron Island, to neighboring beaches, to shipwreck dive sites and coral gardens, to saltwater hot springs, to postcard-worthy views from its mountaintops. Heck, they even have an African Safari nearby.

    Yet, every time we return, we al ...

  • Captivated By Coron

    Captivated By Coron

    Palawan cannot be described in a single page. There is so much to see and talk about that I have to depict its beauty piece by piece. Let's start with Coron, found in the northern part of Palawan. I had the opportunity to explore its exquisite beauty six years back and the memory of its lush surroundings and breathtaking landscape still lingers in my mind. Typhoon Haiyan has already ravaged this part of the province but Coron has risen from the challenge.

    Overlooking the Bay

    There were about 720 steps to climb before we reached the peak of Mt. Tapyas where a huge white cross stood tall. ...

  • Coron Calauit Safari Park

    Coron Calauit Safari Park

    I've heard so much about the astonishing beaches in Coron but I never thought this place also has a piece of Africa- Calauit Safari Park!. This view adds up to my excitement.

    Calauit Island can be reached through a 4-5 hours boat travel from the main land. It is recommended to start the tour as early as 6am to avoid the huge waves. Though it was a long trip, I never get bored because of its attractive natural scenery. There were islets everywhere, many of them. Each of the island has a name given by the Tagbanua, the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines.

    After few hours, we safely arr ...

  • Travel Guide To Coron Palawan

    Travel Guide To Coron Palawan

    Palawan is the country's cleanest and most peaceful city. I have witnessed that during my 4 days stay in Coron. It has been dubbed the "last ecological frontier" in honor of it's unique ecological balance. It has a land area of 1.5 million hectares, composed of 1,780 islands and islets, and subdivided into 23 municipalities. One of these municipalities is Coron which is located in the Calamianes Group of islands in Northern Palawan.

    About Coron

    Language: Filipino and Cuyunon are widely spoken. Some of the basic Cuyunon language you should at least familiarize: Matamang Salamat-Maraming S ...

  • Coron Palawan 2015

    Coron Adventure 2015 with my friends.

    - Coron Island
    - Kayangan Lake
    - Siete Pecados
    - Lake Barracuda
    - Skeleton Wreck
    - Calauit Safari Park
    - Black Island
    - Sangat Island
    - Maquinit Hot Spring
    - Lusong Gunboat Wreck