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  • The Palawan Expeditions Tres Marias

    The Palawan Expeditions Tres Marias

    That looks serious.

    That was the immediate thought when I was shown the mountain I am supposed to climb. Dubbed the 'Tres Marias' by the locals of Bataraza in southern Palawan, this is a limestone block with three jutting, steep precipices and one intervening mesa. I have climbed limestone crags before but the precipitous flanks of Tres Marias could give me more than what I bargained for, and the jagged rocks that limestone peaks are known for offer more than their fair share of hazard.

    For this climb I was accompanied by a councilor from Narra, who arranged everything beforehand, includ ...

  • Palawans Hidden Sanctuary

    Traveling to Palawan's Ursula Island may be difficult, but a thrilling adventure in this hidden gem awaits those who persevere.

    The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and fine white sand, with different and mostly unique species of birds loitering the area.

    But because the island is a bird sanctuary and a protected area, tourists need to write a letter of request before they can experience the island's beauty.

  • Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary

    The islet of Ursula is approximately 20 kms. Off Brooke's Point in southern Palawan, about one hour by boat from Rio Tuba, Bataraza. The vegetation is made up of old growth lowland forest with moderate undergrowth, consisting mostly of tree saplings and seedlings. Fishermen frequent the island and there are numerous trails to wells dug in the interior and some small nipa huts. Ursula has been promoted in the past as an ecotourism destination, but it is apparently not visited by many tourists at present.

    Ursula Island is notable for the large concentrations of imperial pigeons that roast th ...

  • Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary

    Ecological balance is the core of environmental care and preservation in any part of the world. Basically, it is described as a condition wherein there is a perfect symmetry of the different ecological systems which are frequently in stable states or scientifically referred to as homeostasis. By definition, the term ecological balance pertains to some minimal changes that should be rectified through some negative comments or feedbacks; which will in turn bring back specific environmental parameters to its original pomp. In this regard, this natural occurrence in an ever-evolving environmental ...

  • Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary Palawan Mag

    Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary Palawan Mag

    Palawan has always been known not just for its beaches but also for its forests. Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is a tourist destination located near the municipality of Brooke's Point in southern part of Palawan that features seedlings and saplings which are commonly present at lowland forests.

    At the place, you can find trails that will lead you to the wells. Also, for the comfort of the guests, you will find nipa huts where you can sit and relax. This natural attraction served as a haven of different birds, at the same time, fishermen can also catch different species of fi ...