Batak Village Tanabag

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The Batak Village in Barangay Tanabag, Puerto Princessa, Palawan is home to the last 200 members of the Batak tribe. This tribe of hunter gatherers, the first inhabitants of the Philippines originating in Papua New Guinea, still live in balance with the forest. They live in simple makeshift huts and travel around gathering resin, and honey while catching the occasional Palawan Bearded Pig.

The Batak tribe is working in cooperation with several environmental organizations on the creation of Cleopatra's Needle Forest Reserve, to protect over 40,000 hectares of primary forest and dozens of unique species.

Batak Village Tanabag News

  • Visiting The Batak Tribe Bushcraft Survival

    The Batak Tribe populates the remote mountain jungles of Palawan. They are the original natives of this area. The Batak still make their living by hunting and .A short video about a chicken trab that I got from my last visit at the Batak Tribe.Backpacking Palawan Philippines If you want to visit the palawan Batak tribe or do a trip into the jungle, then please contact Rosendo. He is the official tour.

  • Mga Likas Na Yaman Tradisyon Ng Palawan

    Mga Likas Na Yaman Tradisyon Ng Palawan

    Tampok sa mga kuha ng isang amateur photographer ang ganda ng kalikasan ng Palawan.

    Ilan sa mga kinuhaan ng Palaweñong si John Yayen ang Mt. Mantalingahan, na isa sa mga protected areas sa bansa; ang Malampaya Sound na isang mayamang fishing ground; ang Honda Bay na paboritong pasyalan ng mga turista; ang Mt. Saint Paul kung nasaan ang sikat na World Heritage Site na Underground River, at marami pang iba.

    Isang negosyante si Yayen at nahilig lang sa potograpiya noong 2013.

    Nagalugad na niya ang mga bayan sa Palawan para lamang makakuha ng magagandang litrato.

    "Primary purpose tala ...

  • Palawan Batak Indigenous Tribe Ritual

    First day of a 13 days ritual of the Batak tribe of Palawan along Tagnaya River, Barangay Conception, Puerto Princesa City.

  • Batak Of The Philippines

    Batak Of The Philippines

    Billy Bob decided to journey to The Philippines, where he made his way to Palawan island. Locals told him Palawan is the territory of patriots, with beautiful harbors.

    He heard about a community of Batak tribe, which made him curious, so he went to investigate. From a place called Sitio Tanabang, Billy Bob found a young man named Pedro to guide him. He said the Batak are mountain people so they hiked 2 hours to the central Batak village called Kalakwasan.

    Billy Bob greeted the village headman and was invited to stay with a family named Sibido. The Batak people here are traditionally anim ...

  • Indigenous Group In Tanabag Enjoys 24/7 Electricity Thru Hydro Solar Power

    Indigenous Group In Tanabag Enjoys 24/7 Electricity Thru Hydro Solar Power

    For a community of the indigenous group Batak in Sitio Kalakwasan, Bgy. Tanabag in Puerto Princesa, power supply is definitely much better, with no experience of load curtailment, load shedding and black-out. Their tribal chieftain, Dionecio Saavedra, shared that the community has been under a 24/7 power supply since hydroelectric and solar power systems were installed in their few years ago.

    "Walang brown-out, brown-out dito sa amin, may hydro kami, may solar at may generator," he exclaimed. The said Batak community, composed of 54 households, received the said power supply systems from Pi ...

  • Saving The Almaciga Tree Saving The Future Of Palawans Batak Tribe

    Saving The Almaciga Tree Saving The Future Of Palawans Batak Tribe

    It is an ordinary day to wake up with the comfort of nature for the Batak community living at Sitio Kalakwasan, Bgy. Tanabag in northern outskirts of Puerto Princesa City. But on Monday, June 6 they considered it momentous as it was the day they all started to work hand-in-hand to breathe new life into the declining number of Almaciga (Agathis philippinensis) tree which produces marketable resin and has since been serving as their source of living.

    "Almaciga tree is our lifeblood," says Tribal Chieftain Dionecio Saavedra in a breathy voice as he and other members of the community trooped to ...