Balabac News

  • Day 2 At Onok Island

    My excitement may be the only thing keeping my energy now. I woke up from a short but better than nothing sleep. I traveled for more than 12 hours just to get here. Eleven hours after my arrival, Onok Island still doesn't fail to amaze me. What more, I get to enjoy this island all by myself, well, so much for being the only guest.

    I can't remember how many times I opened my eyes to check if it's already bright outside. I'm so looking for a fresh sunrise that I always fail to see in Manila. Excuse: I'm on midshift. Haha

    I do remember though, my swollen and bare face making it outside to t ...

  • Onok Island Love At First Sight

    It was Friday at 3 in the afternoon when I came to Balabac. The sight was normal as other provinces except that there's a mountain in the middle. The residential area surrounds the ring of rock like bits of pieces. On the open area in the port, a skinny man welcomed me with his red motorcab. I didn't know Kuya Johnny, my host, is at this age, his voice and eagerness to chat made me think he's younger. He even has a facebook account. Haha He's also kind to pick me up even though my booking is a day later.

    We drove in a few minutes to his house where he introduced me to his pretty (and younge ...

  • Balabac Palawan Receives Php50M Livelihood Assistance

    The southernmost municipality of Balabac is receiving a P50 million livelihood support from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) that would provide livelihood assistance to its remote coastal communities.

    The project dubbed as "JFPR 9160: Developing Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods in Coastal Fishing Communities", will be administered by the Asian Development Bank through the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) as the executing agency.

    A Memorandum of Agreement was signed recently between PCSDS represented by Rhoda Roque and Balabac Mayor Shuaib Astami wit ...

  • Balabac The Last Jewel Of Palawan

    Balabac is located in Palawan and dubbed as "The Last Of The Last Frontier." Going to the south-westernmost tip of Palawan was a bit tiring --but definitely worth it. Balabac is a paradise at its rawest. - Ayza


  • The Finest Beach Is Found At The Tail-end Of The Philippines

    An Island found at the Southern tip of Palawan is home to a beach that can easily earn the title: "The Philippines' Finest."

    Every summer, we are constantly on the look out for new destinations to explore. Besides, of all the 7,641 Philippine Islands, only a handfull are generally considered as established tourist destinations. This includes the island province of Palawan. After earning the most coveted spot as the "World Best Island" for 2 consecutive years, truck loads of tourists have made this their destination of choice, leading to the overnight fame of 3 of its major attractions: Pue ...

  • Summer Memories In Onuk Balabac Palawan

    Hola people! I'm alive, still traveling, yet stopped blogging.

    What keeps me busy lately is my fitness goal. I just woke up one morning and I realized I wanted to lose my excess fats. So ayun, I've been doing suspension and body weight training, running, yoga, and swimming. I started to eat clean too, with cheat days on weekends of course. No drugs, no slimming pills, and magic coffee shit. All natural way to a long term reward. It trained my mind to stay focused and disciplined. Oha, pang miss universe answer! Seriously, it's so nice to live strong and healthy.

    So anyway, for my birthda ...