Balabac Marine Reserve

Balabac, Palawan

The Balabac Strait Marine Biodiversity Conservation Corridor is located in the southwestern part of the province of Palawan. It is bounded on the north by Buliluyan Island and Balabac North Channel, on the south by Balabac Strait and Borneo, on the east by Sulu Sea, and on the west by the South China Sea.

Balabac Strait Marine Biodiversity Conservation Corridor News

  • Travel writers pick their fave places to visit during the rainy season

    Travel writers pick their fave places to visit during the rainy season

    Gray clouds, dreary skies, occasional showers, and strong gusts of wind…all these may not paint the picture of the ideal vacation. But with 7,107 islands in the Philippines, there's bound to be at least one good destination to visit even during off-peak season??"and travel lovers know where to go.

    Read on to discover travel writers and bloggers' favorite places to visit during the rainy season.

    Cagayan de Oro for water-based activities

    "The best place to visit in the Philippines during the rainy season is Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental," says Bryan Arevalo, creative director of Tr ...

  • Balabac Sojourn Onuk Island Pink Beach and Melville Lighthouse

    Balabac Sojourn Onuk Island Pink Beach and Melville Lighthouse

    It was on our third day in Balabac that we started exploring the islands, our boat captain cum guide was no less than the well versed and knowledgeable Kap Andong of Barangay Poblacion 4 in mainland Balabac. I bet no other person in town knows Balabac more than Kap, he knows the history, the hidden spots, the best beaches and even the little known secrets of the town and its people.

    The water was totally calm that morning, the sky was blue, the horizon was clear and the tide was slowly getting higher, a good day to hop from island to island. By nine in the morning, Louie, Sir Rene and I boa ...

  • Off The Beaten Track

    Off The Beaten Track

    Where: Subic Dacu Beach

    Why: Tired of Boracay? Or are you a beach baby who just wants to discover a new beach that isn't as commercialized as the others? Unknown to many, there is an island in the province of Sorsogon that is just as lovely as the beaches you find in Palawan. Subic Dacu Beach boasts of long stretches of fine white sand beach, paired with beautiful azure waters. Coral reefs dot the seabed, less than a hundred meters from the shore.

    The water is so clear you can see your own reflection as you try to take a photo of the different species of fish that inhabit the placid wate ...

  • Balabac Palawan Receives Php50M Livelihood Assistance

    The southernmost municipality of Balabac is receiving a P50 million livelihood support from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) that would provide livelihood assistance to its remote coastal communities.

    The project dubbed as "JFPR 9160: Developing Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods in Coastal Fishing Communities", will be administered by the Asian Development Bank through the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) as the executing agency.

    A Memorandum of Agreement was signed recently between PCSDS represented by Rhoda Roque and Balabac Mayor Shuaib Astami wit ...

  • Balabac Expedition

    What a cool trip in Balabac island.

  • At The Tip Of The Last Frontier

    It is quite embarrassing for a 30-year old man to squeal like a giddy little girl, but it's difficult not to when I see some large pawikan gliding effortlessly under the sparkling aquamarine waters. "Those are the green sea turtles. Here, you don't have to snorkel to see them," says Kap Andong, our boatman and guide, who is obviously delighted with our reaction. The incredibly clear visibility of the waters surrounding Onuk Island extends as far as the eyes can see.

    Clambering over the outrigger's slender bow, I am temporarily silenced by the spectacle beneath us. A profusion of coral reefs ...