Balabac Island

Balabac, Palawan

Balabac Island is the southern-most island of the Palawan province in the Philippines, only about 50 kilometers north from Sabah, Malaysia, across the Balabac Strait.

Balabac Island is home to various endemic species. It is the home of birds like Grey Imperial Pigeon, Philippine Cockatoo, Blue-headed Racket-tail, and the Palawan Hornbill. The Philippine Mouse-deer, a subspecies of t ...

he Greater Mouse-deer can only be found in this island.

The Molbogs, a Muslim ethnolinguistic group, is concentrated in this island. Their livelihood includes farming, fishing and barter trading with the nearby Sulu, Bangsamoro, and Sabah market centers.  Wiki

Balabac Island News

  • Balabac: The Last Frontier Of The Philippines Last Frontier

    Balabac: The Last Frontier Of The Philippines Last Frontier

    A few months ago, me and my tour guide group decided to explore Balabac, the southernmost municipality of Palawan.

  • 10 Must Do Things In Palawan Philippines

    10 Must Do Things In Palawan Philippines

    Palawan island in the Philippines in a hidden gem. But, when people think of this island automatically think in El Nido and Coron. The fact is you just can't miss this places but, there are much more to go in Palawan. This stunning island offers good food, humble people, astounding waterfalls, crazy island hopping, amazing wreck diving, wildlife to see, marine life to look for, don't be afraid to go off the beaten path. Here is 10 must do things in Palawan - Philippines you need to check out immediately:

  • Balabac Palawan Travel Guide

    Balabac Palawan Travel Guide

    How to get to Balabac:
    Take a plane from Metro Manila to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan (i.e. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia).
    Hire a tricycle to reach San Jose terminal.
    Ride the public van bound for Rio Tuba (travel time: 5 - 6 hours).
    Hail a tricycle to reach the port.
    Ride the public boat en route to Balabac then alight at Bancalan Port (travel time is roughly 2 hours depending on sea condition).

  • Wild Expeditions Palawan: Promoting Leave No Trace Tourism

    Wild Expeditions Palawan: Promoting Leave No Trace Tourism

    The number of travel and tour retailers in this capital city of Palawan, now at more than 100, continues to increase - undeniably because tourism is a major contributor to the province's economy.

    Travel and tour operators have mushroomed in the city, but more so in the global computer network, including fraudulent ones, offering a multiplicity of information about what could be an itinerant's dream travel in Puerto Princesa and the province.

    A lot of them, but not all, offer matchmaking tour services to let travelers express what they truly want to do, for instance, explore the unbeaten ...

  • Palawan: Destination Balabac Part 1, The Road To Rio Tuba

    Palawan: Destination Balabac Part 1, The Road To Rio Tuba

    I have been traveling solo to distant places for quite some time but whenever I do, there is a part of me that still gets anxious. The fear of the unknown always lingers at the back of my mind but I normally overcome it with ease however, the road to Balabac was the one trip that got me so edgy. As soon as I got out of Puerto Princesa Airport, I hopped on a tricycle going to San Jose Terminal to catch a van bound for Rio Tuba.

  • 11 Talampakang Buwaya Nakunan Ng Video Sa Palawan

    Nakuhanan ng video ng isang empleyado ng Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) ang isang buwaya sa Balabac, Palawan nitong Lunes.

    Kuwento ni Rodel Bacaro, nagpapahinga sila sa coastal area ng Barangay 5 Poblacion matapos magsagawa ng inspeksiyon sa isa sa mga pasilidad ng DENR.

    Laking gulat nalang nila nang makitang lumalangoy ang buwaya sa dagat.

    "Sa tingin namin lahat, mga 11 feet 'yung haba ng buwaya," aniya.

    Si Bacaro na isang environmental monitoring officer ay nakatalaga sa Environmental Management Bureau ng DENR.

    Batay sa kanilang pagsusuri, isa itong sa ...