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  • Crocodile Rescue And Giant Lapu-lapu On

    In Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Doc Nielsen Donato meets “Anding”, a nine-foot saltwater crocodile that has been in captivity as a family pet for 40 years.

    Doc Nielsen assists the local DENR in the recovery of the animal, which has been surrendered to the authorities.

    But “Anding” is not Doc Nielsen’s only patient; another croc—this time, a critically endangered Philippine freshwater crocodile—is waiting to be rescued.

    Doc Ferds Recio explores the rich seas of Palawan and finds himself swimming alongside a huge lapu-lapu fish.

    Doc Ferds meets researchers at the C ...

  • The 7 Commandos Beach And The 7 Lost Sol

    We called ourselves S Club 7. We were a group of three guys and four ladies on the beach. We couldn’t help but relive our younger days when the airwaves were filled with melodies of boy bands and pop groups. We wanted to shoot a remake of S Club 7’s Bring It All Back video when we were there. Don’t worry because we didn’t do it.

    “You’re such a cheerful, fun bunch,” noticed Kate, half of the Danish couple who were with us on the tour. Our laughs resonated across the entire Bacuit Bay. Our body movements were so big and animated we could be seen from the top of the cliff of anot ...

  • 7 Commandos Beach El Nido Palawan

    There was once a huge fishing vessel that got stranded in the waters of El Nido. After 3 days of getting stranded in the boat, the people in it decided to find an island that could become their temporary home. The people from the boat found this island, they went here and they inhabited the island for three months till' the boat was repaired and went on their way back home. After the island was abandoned, the locals discovered the island and explored it, they found a carving on one of the huge stones in there, and the carving reads "Seven Commando". It was believed that the words that the loca ...