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  • The Taot Bato Tribes Rizal Palawan

    The Taot Bato Tribes Rizal Palawan

    One of the main attractions in Palawan and probably in the Philippines is the Tau't Bato Tribe or the cave dwelling people. They inhabitat the Singnapan Basin located in Barangay Ransang, Municipality of Rizal, Palawan. The basin, a crater-like structure found on the western side of the volcanic Mount Mantalingahan ??" the highest peak in the island, is in reality a huge sinkhole some 176 hectares. During the geological periods, the area was originally a plateau, which was eroded into a basin by the river through chemical and physical action. The river then worked itself underground to form an ...

  • The Taut Bato

    The Tao't Bato were officially discovered until the 1970s. Since the Tao't Bato live in a hidden valley one has no choice but to rise over the mountains. Roads do not exist and there will probably never be. The term "rock people" does not mean Stone Age people he refers to the fact that the Tao't Bato live in caves.

  • Baby Hawksbill Turtles Making Their Way To The Sea Dilumacad Island Bacuit Bay El Nido Resorts

    30+ Hawksbill turtles hatched overnight - on the morning on April 12th they were released from their protective hatch and made their way to the sea.