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  • Malampaya Holds Reef Check Training In Puerto Galera

    Malampaya Foundation Inc. (MFI) and the provincial government of Oriental Mindoro recently held five-day intensive reef-check training in the town of Puerto Galera. Ten volunteers from the public and private sectors underwent the training that is aimed at arming members of the local community with the skills needed to monitor and conduct sea surveys, particularly in marine protected areas located in seven towns of the province and in Calapan City.

    Oriental Mindoro Governor Alfonso A. Umali Jr. and other local officials have been pushing for more pro-active measures in protecting and rehabil ...

  • Malasimbos Magical Sights And Sounds

    Malasimbos Magical Sights And Sounds

    Towering over Puerto Galera, one of the country's more popular beach destinations is the 1231-meter-above-sea-level Mt. Malasimbo, in Northern Mindoro. It is a haven for flora and fauna??"wild boar, deer, and rare species of birds inhabit the mountain.

    It is also home to the highlander Mangyan tribes. In fact, mountain climbers find themselves interacting with these indigenous people, most of whom have already adopted the use of modern apparel, save for a few older men who still wear the traditional loincloth as their only piece of clothing.

    Every year in March, a colorful and well atten ...

  • Killer Whale Sighted In Puerto Galera

    Killer Whale Sighted In Puerto Galera

    The sighting of a killer whale in Puerto Galera, a town in Oriental Mindoro and a popular tourist destination in Luzon, has caught the attention of marine wildlife-conservation advocates.

    The fascinating marine mammal, about 7 meters long, was photographed and posted on Facebook (FB) through the account of Kai Tagaki, who first thought it was a dolphin jumping up and down.

    Posted on April 18, at 12:38 p.m., the FB post was shared 383 times as of this writing and drew various reactions.

    One FB comment expressed fear that it might attack humans. Another comment said the sighting is a go ...

  • Tampisaw Sa Tamaraw Falls

    Tampisaw Sa Tamaraw Falls

    Found between the towns of Calapan, San Teodoro and Puerto Galera, lies a natural wonder named Tamaraw Falls. What's great to the falls is that you don't need to trek just to be there; it's beauty can be already seen from the highway.

    From Calapan, we rode the zigzag road to Puerto Galera. Our original destination is at a well-known beach. But because of the rainy season and limited time, one of our travel companions suggested to go to the said falls instead.

    After a 45-minute travel at the mountainous northern part of Mindoro, we finally arrived on Tamaraw Falls. We're in awe as we saw ...

  • The Music Festival That Wants You To Care About Cultural Preservation

    The Music Festival That Wants You To Care About Cultural Preservation

    At the Malasimbo music and arts festival, there are 5,000 people of about 30 different nationalities. There are Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Japanese, among many others, and like them, I am a foreigner here. I am Filipino yet I do not belong to the community of Puerto Galera nor have I been to the other municipalities of Mindoro.

    With the French, the Vietnamese, the Italians, and the Manila-based Filipinos, we are all in the same boat. We all went to Malasimbo for a weekend getaway far from home. Most festival first-timers know little about the culture of the place, and initially came e ...

  • Malasimbo Magic Lifts Puerto Galera

    Malasimbo Magic Lifts Puerto Galera

    All boats led to the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival at Puerto Galera, Philippines where three nights of full moon from March 10-12, and an all-star cast of Filipino and foreign artists, kept the magic of Malasimbo??"now on its seventh year??"going.

    From the ethnic drumbeats of Kawangis ng Tribu summoning party animals to the stage to the soothing sounds of Curtismith, and the surprising rendition of Afro Cuban jazz by Quincy Jones protege Alfredo Rodriguez Trio, it was all worth the wait.

    President and festival director Miro Grgic made sure the intermission flow was smooth as he opene ...