Puerto Galera Bay

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera Bay in northern Oriental Mindoro is now a member of the prestigious Club of Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

Puerto Galera Bay News

  • Puerto Galera: A Must-Visit Tourist Spot Near Manila

    Puerto Galera: A Must-Visit Tourist Spot Near Manila

    There are a lot of destinations in the country that is good a place to relax and have fun. Only a few hours away from Metro Manila is the municipality of Puerto Galera. In recent years, the popularity of Puerto Galera has been growing; well how can it not when it has stunning beaches, exciting activities, and peaceful atmosphere. It has every single thing you would want and need when going on a vacation. Learn about the things you can do here in Puerto Galera, a must-visit tourist spot near Manila.

  • Killer Whale Sighted In Puerto Galera

    Killer Whale Sighted In Puerto Galera

    The sighting of a killer whale in Puerto Galera, a town in Oriental Mindoro and a popular tourist destination in Luzon, has caught the attention of marine wildlife-conservation advocates.

    The fascinating marine mammal, about 7 meters long, was photographed and posted on Facebook (FB) through the account of Kai Tagaki, who first thought it was a dolphin jumping up and down.

    Posted on April 18, at 12:38 p.m., the FB post was shared 383 times as of this writing and drew various reactions.

    One FB comment expressed fear that it might attack humans. Another comment said the sighting is a go ...

  • Giant Clams In Puerto Galera Bay

    I've always felt the Giant Clams site, is a must see dive, when visiting Puerto Galera. Some clams are more than a meter long, and they are really proliferating in this amazing place.

  • The Beautiful Puerta Galera Bay

    The Beautiful Puerta Galera Bay

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  • Puerto Galera Hosts Most Beautiful Bays Congress

    Oriental Mindoro's Puerto Galera is getting the international spotlight anew these days as the municipality host the 11th Congress of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in World.

    The Club, composed of organizations committed in preserving natural heritage and developing the economic potentials of the bays they represent, kicked off its congress on Tuesday with participating delegates from 18 countries and 28 member associations.

    Designated by UNESCO as Man and Biosphere reserve and one of the areas with diverse coral reefs in Asia, the Puerto Galera Bay is the only Philippine Bay listed ...

  • Mangrove Reforestation Project 2015

    The proponents of the Mangrove Reforestation Project in Puerto Galera Bay led by Hubert d'Aboville of D'Aboville Foundation and Puerto Galera Most Beautiful Bay, Inc. in a joint project with Locsin Group of Companies represented by marine biologist, Danny Enriquez conducted a community planting of mangroves along the shores of Puerto Galera Bay last Oct. 3.

    This project was participated by eight planters from Locsin Group of Companies led by Danny Enriquez and Engr. Bernard Sangel; eight planters from D'Aboville Foundation led by Hubert d'Aboville and Ara d'Aboville; 12 planters from New Ga ...