Mount Halcon

Baco, Oriental Mindoro

Mount Halcon or Monte Halcon is a mountain located in the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Its height of 2,586 m makes it the 18th highest peak in the Philippines. Its slopes have earned it the title to be the most difficult mountain to climb in the country.

Mt. Halcon is home to the indigenous Alangan Mangyans. Its thick vegetation contains much flora and fauna, including the ...

critically endangered Mindoro Bleeding-heart which is endemic in the area, and the stick insect Conlephasma enigma, which was first described in 2012.

The mountain was also the location of a possible World War II Japanese holdout. Isao Miyazawa found evidence that his comrade Captain Fumio Nakahara was living there in 1957. Another search in 1977 was called off due to Miyazawa contracting malaria.[6] In 1980, Miyazawa found Nakahara's hut, and the natives talked to him extensively about the foreigner. However, Miyazawa himself has never been spotted.

Mount Halcon News

  • Climbing The Mighty Mt Halcon

    Climbing The Mighty Mt Halcon

    Hi everyone! I just got back from my longest and most difficult (Yup, Mt. Amuyao has been replaced) hike in Mindoro, the mighty Sialdang or more popularly known as Mt. Halcon ??" my 48th mountain.

    Mountain Stats
    Elevation: 2580+ MASL
    Location: Baco, Oriental, Mindoro
    Difficulty: 9/9, Major Climb
    Trek to Summit: 19-20 hours

  • Uncovering The Wealth Of Oriental Mindoro

    Uncovering The Wealth Of Oriental Mindoro

    The island of Mindoro got its name from "Mina de Oro" as to how the Spaniards used to call it in olden days because it was believed to be a repository of gold. True enough, the province of Oriental Mindoro, which comprises about half of the island, has many treasures in its midst. I'm not referring to the gold that can be mined but the natural attractions and abundant biodiversity that can be found in its bosom.

    From the Visayas, Oriental Mindoro is the gateway to Luzon, and vice versa, connecting both island groups. But while others may just pass through a bridge without even making a stop ...

  • The Amazing Amesiella Species

    The Amazing Amesiella Species

    One of the most amazing orchid genera, to be found in the Philippines, is the genus Amesiella. The reason for this is the size of the flowers, in relation to the size of the plant, which is most remarkable. The plant of an Amesiella species, and there are three species to be found in the mountains of Luzon and on the island of Mindoro, at the most would be about 10 centimeters across the leaves. When these plants are well grown they can produce several inflorescences, which have 2 to 4 blooms about 5 to 6 centimeters across the petals or sepals. The leaves are very stiff and leathery, and quit ...

  • The Amazing View Of Mt Halcon Mindoro

    The Amazing View Of Mt Halcon Mindoro

    Mt. Halcon is another giant of MIMAROPA Region. This is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the Philippines, garnered 9/9 rating in terms of its difficulty, but that rating is not enough to rate the lessons we learned during this climb. I can say: "this mountain has a brain and intelligence as it transformed all of us into a different individual," after the climb.

    We chose Mayabig Trail for our ascent. Mayabig is a long trail covered with banana, coconuts, vegetables, and other plants cultivated by the residents (mostly the mangyans). During our climb, the weather wasn't fine; ...

  • Mount Halcon Bird Life Summary

    Site description Mt Halcon rises to 2,580 m, and is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. With its associated peaks, it includes the northernmost portion of the mountainous spine of the island of Mindoro. The Mt Halcon IBA extends for almost 60 km along the border between Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental. The western slopes of the mountains have a seasonal climate with wet and dry seasons, whereas the eastern slopes have an evenly distributed rainfall, leading to a large diversity of natural vegetation types.

    In the east, the lower slopes support dipterocarp forests, with l ...

  • Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Puerto Galera is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in all of Mindoro. Given its world-class dive spots such as the Verde Island Passage, a region thought to be the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity, its excellent beaches, amazing waterfalls, crazy nightlife, thrilling water sports, and most importantly its proximity to Manila, it's no wonder why many people head to Puerto Galera for their vacation.

    Yet unknown to most visitors in Mindoro, there are still plenty of other beautiful places that make up the big island, especially if you want to get away from the hustle ...