La Laguna Beach

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

La Laguna Beach is one of the impressive beaches found in Puerto Galera. It is also known as Big La Laguna Beach for it is larger than Small La Laguna Beach. It is located next to the beach of Small La Laguna Beach and the beach of Sabang. The tourist can transfer from there to the other beaches by walking for fifteen (15) minutes via banca boat.

La Laguna Beach News

  • Puerto Galeras Diving Sites Seedy Sabang Night Life And More

    Puerto Galeras Diving Sites Seedy Sabang Night Life And More

    Aside from having a variety of girlie bars, Korean restaurants, tattoo shops and spas, Sabang is a sought-after jump-off point for more than 40 diving sites in Puerto Galera. A lot of foreign and local tourists know this to be true. It's also quite accessible for being less than four hours away from Metro Manila unlike other diving sites in more far-flung provinces in the country. Three hours on the road to Batangas Port and 40 more minutes aboard a passenger boat are what it takes to reach the island that's famous for being seedy by night and dive-worthy by day.

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  • Snorkeling At Big La Laguna Beach Philippines

    With my Olympus Stylus Tough for the first time under water. I'm surprised by the camera. Even the pictures I took are great! Enjoy the coral reef and fish.

  • Puerto Galera La Laguna Beach Secret

    Puerto Galera La Laguna Beach Secret

    La Laguna Beach is a short shoreline in the tourism-friendly island of Puerto Galera in the Philippines. Local tourists in mainland Luzon and in the other regions of the country may find the island to be a popular summer getaway for the white sands of White Beach, but foreign tourists seem to be acquainted more all year-round with the nocturnal beachfront village of Sabang which is just a stroll away from it.

    Where's La Laguna Beach?

    La Laguna Beach is just a 15-minute stroll from the Sabang Pier terminal. Interestingly, it's still divided into two enclaves -- the old, tranquil cove know ...

  • Must see Destinations in Oriental Mindoro

    Must see Destinations in Oriental Mindoro

    Oriental Mindoro is touted as one of the country's emerging eco-tourism destinations. The province has long been known for its many spectacular attractions that have offered its visitors moments of adventure and leisure they won't soon forget. Here are some of the natural wonders and artistic attractions of the province:

    Hidden Paradise

    Hidden Paradise consists of a natural spring with a swimming pool and picnic cottages. The attraction is located in Baco and can be reached within 45 minutes by taking a jeepney bound for the Calapan market.

    Alibatan Island or "Target Island"

    The is ...

  • The Big Clean Up

    The Big Clean Up

    Diving for Debris

    Here at Scandi we're committed to our Going Greener program.

    This month, in line with Project Aware's 'Diving for Debris' Scandi Divers completed a beach clean-up on the 10th and followed it with an underwater clean-up the following day.

    Easter weekend had just passed with Big La Laguna beach playing host to lots of visitors. All the resorts were full, with families and friends playing in the beautiful warm clear ocean and enjoying barbecues on the beach. Of course this increase in people traffic meant that the level of litter unfortunately went up too.

    All the di ...