Iraya Mangyan Village

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

The Iraya Mangyan Village is located at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo in Sitio Talipanan about 9 kilometers from the town center. This village provides shelter and sustenance to many Iraya-Mangyan families who have been re-settled here. Spending an afternoon with the Iraya people can give you a chance to experience first-hand what life in the village is like, as well as see their traditional handicraf ...

ts and art, which is one of their sources of income.

Iraya Mangyan Village Talipanan News

  • The Iraya Mangyan Village In Puerto Galera

    The Iraya Mangyan Village In Puerto Galera

    The Iraya Mangyan Village is one of my top reasons why I want to go to Puerto Galera. To be honest, I am more of a culture and heritage buff than a beach bum. I really want our trip a mix of everything so ticking this off our itinerary would be great. I know I will be doing a travel guide to Puerto Galera when I go home that's why I want the one I am going to do would be something that will be interesting to readers from all walks of life.

  • Puerto Galera Things You Didnt Know You Could Do

    Puerto Galera Things You Didnt Know You Could Do

    Travel packages have been a very good and convenient means to get to your dream destinations especially when you are on a budget. Actually, it is through it that I started to see more of what Philippines has to offer. Eventually, you'll learn the basics of preparing a getaway and you'll just wake up one day, you are already the one organizing your trip with your family or friends. It wouldn't be that hard anymore because everything is on the internet nowadays. You'll find a travel expert slash friend in Google. It is as well easier to navigate places when you use Waze and other navigating apps ...

  • Exploring Mangyan Village In Talipanan Oriental Mindoro

    Early this month, I got to travel again and view different perspective. Together with some of media friends and bloggers as part of our trip to Mount Malasimbo in time for the Annual Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. In one of the places we visited, the community of Mangyan Village in Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro. It was a breath of fresh air, a total escape from busy city. It was an ideal location to unwind also away from the white beach.

    The community activation was initiated by Bea Zobel de Ayala. As Ayala being known for their corporate social responsibility, Talipanan became a popular ...

  • Mount Malasimbo And Puerto Galera

    Mount Malasimbo And Puerto Galera

    In some parts of the Philippine territory, Mount Malasimbo is very known to many but only a few are aware that it exists in Northern Mindoro on the top view of the famous Puerto Galera beach.

    Such fact is not even sentient to the writer herself since she lives in a region where there is a view of the so-called Mount Malasimbo. Yes, same name but in different locations. This other Mount Malasimbo is the one that exists in the nearby province called Zambales. The two mountains with the same name have both the attractive sight of a dome shape summit.

    Mount Malasimbo in Puerto Galera is more ...