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  • Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro, Weekend Beach


    With FOUR quiet beautiful WHITE-SAND and PEBBLE BEACHES, is BULALACAO our new weekend go-to beach? This is the question we ask ourselves in this very short episode. We are on the quest to find a new beach for unplanned weekend getaways and this place was our 1st stop.

    Full Link:

    A very short episode as we were bogged down by the wind and faulty packing skills from Dane, leaving the camera batteries behind during the island hop. We hope you still like this episode even if it is just a 5-minuter. We promise that our next episode will be another grand ...

  • The Hidden Treasures Of Buyayao Island

    The Hidden Treasures Of Buyayao Island

    Hidden. Undiscovered. Rare. Exquisite.

    These words are used to describe a treasure. You might be searching for gold bars or jewels which are cradled under the soft mantles of the forest or better yet, sealed in the rocky mountains and caves. But, let's try changing your perspectives.

    Further along the tip of Oriental Mindoro, an island was dubbed by the people as a blessing and a gem from heaven. Rumors say that one time, smeone found a piece of gold in one of the caves in this place which embodies the words "hidden, undiscovered, rare, and exquisite".

    In the Philippines, Mindoro is t ...

  • Buyayao Island In Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro Trip 2016

    Exploring the beauty of Buyayao Island in the municipality of Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro.

    Don't forget to watch in HD!

  • Buyayao Dokumentaryo Ni Jay Taruc

    Tila mala-paraiso ang ganda ng mga isla sa Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, pero kabaligtaran naman nito ang kalagayan ng mga residente dito. Para mabuhay, ang ilang mangingisda sa mga isla ay napipilitang magbusero, o compressor diving, na may mga kaakibat na peligro sa kalusugan.

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  • Island Hopping In Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro Philippines

    Island Hopping In Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro Philippines

    I must admit, the trip to Bulalacao is definitely one of my most favorite and most memorable. It wasn't easy breeezy going there as the torrential rains and habagat winds have been pondering the rest of the country. Yet, the trip to Bulalacao had been planned since five years ago because there is a certain mystery about this 4th class municipality that has captured both my mind and heart. Ever since i started traveling back in 2007, my interests and way of traveling have changed dramatically. I now yearn for off the beaten path destinations, those of which normal travelers would most likely fo ...

  • May Bisyo Ako Isang Pag-Amin

    May Bisyo Ako Isang Pag-Amin

    May Bisyo Ako…

    "May bisyo ako, ngayon ko lang napagtanto.
    May bisyo ako, pano ba nagumpisa eto?
    May bisyo ako, nakaka-adik eto.
    May bisyo ako, may mga kontra dito.
    May bisyo ako, ewan ko lang kung gusto nyo.
    May bisyo ako ??" pero hindi alak, yosi o bato.
    May bisyo ako, bisyong mahal ko.
    May bisyo ako, at eto ang nilalaman ng blog ko."


    "Ang mundo ay isang libro, at ang mga taong hindi marunong maglakbay ??" isang pahina lang ang kanilang nabasa…" ??" iyan ang nakaukit na sipi sa utak ko.

    Alas-kwatro ...