Bayanan Beach

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Bayanan Beach is a white sand and has clean water area, located in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

Bayanan Beach News

  • Oriental Mindoro Things To Do In Puerto Galera

    Oriental Mindoro Things To Do In Puerto Galera

    The thriving municipality of Puerto Galera, hemmed in by jungle-clad promontories plummeting into delightful pockets of beaches and coves, lures weekenders from the exhaust centers of Manila. Resting on the southwestern edge of Isla Verde Passage in Oriental Mindoro, Puerta Galera harbors diverse coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving, reason why it was recognized as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973.

    Although Puerto Galera is famous to tourists for its nightlife and partying, this bountiful town has more up its sleeves. I hope this travel blog provides you with informati ...

  • Lifes A Beach At Puerto Galera

    Lifes A Beach At Puerto Galera

    Just south of Batangas is the island of Mindoro. Its northern coast, Puerto Galera, can be reached by boat within 1-2 hours from the Batangas Port. Puerto Galera is known for having a lot of beaches, and it took some research to pick the right beach to stay in. The obvious choices were Sabang and White Beach. We went for the latter thinking it had white sand. Unfortunately, it did not. Later on, we realized it was the better decision, because Sabang did not have a beach at all. Instead, it was known as Puerto Galera's Red Light District with a busy night life. On the other hand, White Beach is ...

  • White Beach Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

    Video taken from Bayanan Beach going to White Beach, in the island of Puerto Galera.

  • Summer Getaway Puerto Galera 2014 Day 2

    Summer Getaway Puerto Galera 2014 Day 2

    And so this post continues. If you haven't read DAY 1 of our trip yet, you can click here.

    So I woke up with the sound of my mother calling my name clearly, waking me up. We were sharing the same bed (since there were only three beds, and it was enough for the six of us), and I think she managed to call me three times before I finally decided that I could finally open my eyes without having them fall again. I saw that Pam was already up and it was already around seven fifteen in the morning. We had our snorkeling and beach hopping adventure scheduled at seven thirty, but clearly, that didn' ...

  • A Relaxing And Fun Weekend At White Beach Puerto Galera With Friends

    A Relaxing And Fun Weekend At White Beach Puerto Galera With Friends

    Its funny to admit that I love going to the beach but I don't know how to swim :D But this is my sweet escape whenever I want to relax and take a break on busy life in Manila. My high school friends spent a weekend in White Beach Puerto Galera,Oriental Mindoro. It is about 130 kilometers South of Metro Manila (81 miles), the mode of transportation is by a public bus or private vehicle to Batangas Port and boat ride which will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic situation plus the waves.

    Traveling is stressful but as soon as I see how beautiful the place is, It's all worth i ...