Aslom Island

Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Aslom Island is located in the municipality of Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro. The island's name came from the Cebuano word "aslom", meaning sour, because of the abundance of sampaloc trees bearing the sour fruit. The island is ideal for beach bumming, exploring the marine world and it has a crescent-shaped sandbar that stretches about 500 meters. The water is crystal clear and some lovely trees add ...

charm to the place.

Aslom Island News

  • Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro, Weekend Beach


    With FOUR quiet beautiful WHITE-SAND and PEBBLE BEACHES, is BULALACAO our new weekend go-to beach? This is the question we ask ourselves in this very short episode. We are on the quest to find a new beach for unplanned weekend getaways and this place was our 1st stop.

    Full Link:

    A very short episode as we were bogged down by the wind and faulty packing skills from Dane, leaving the camera batteries behind during the island hop. We hope you still like this episode even if it is just a 5-minuter. We promise that our next episode will be another grand ...

  • May Bisyo Ako Isang Pag-Amin

    May Bisyo Ako Isang Pag-Amin

    May Bisyo Ako…

    "May bisyo ako, ngayon ko lang napagtanto.
    May bisyo ako, pano ba nagumpisa eto?
    May bisyo ako, nakaka-adik eto.
    May bisyo ako, may mga kontra dito.
    May bisyo ako, ewan ko lang kung gusto nyo.
    May bisyo ako ??" pero hindi alak, yosi o bato.
    May bisyo ako, bisyong mahal ko.
    May bisyo ako, at eto ang nilalaman ng blog ko."

    "Ang mundo ay isang libro, at ang mga taong hindi marunong maglakbay ??" isang pahina lang ang kanilang nabasa…" ??" iyan ang nakaukit na sipi sa utak ko.

    Alas-kwatro ...

  • Bulalacao The Hidden Gem Of Oriental Mindoro

    Bulalacao The Hidden Gem Of Oriental Mindoro

    About three to four hours of land travel from Calapan City to the south of Oriental Mindoro is the town of Bulalacao. Considered a fourth class municipality of 30,188 people (2007 census), its rustic beauty remains unspoiled.

    Bulalacao is a sanctuary for stressed city dwellers looking for a respite in an idyllic environment.

    The town, whose name according to myth was derived from a bird of death known to locals as "bulalacao", offers a variety of attractions for both adventurous and alternative tourists.

    It has numerous beaches, waterfalls, a lake, caves, and rain forests that are hom ...

  • Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Puerto Galera is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in all of Mindoro. Given its world-class dive spots such as the Verde Island Passage, a region thought to be the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity, its excellent beaches, amazing waterfalls, crazy nightlife, thrilling water sports, and most importantly its proximity to Manila, it's no wonder why many people head to Puerto Galera for their vacation.

    Yet unknown to most visitors in Mindoro, there are still plenty of other beautiful places that make up the big island, especially if you want to get away from the hustle ...

  • Beauty Of Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro PH

    Beauty Of Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro PH

    Whenever a person tells me that they consider themselves beach lovers, I would often ask their idea of a perfect beach. Some says the beach should have an unobstructed view of the sea. Others would say it should have clean shoreline and crystal clear water. Most of those that I know would just say ??" it has to be relaxing.

    And I just have to agree with all their reasons. The perfect beach getaway is one that I can hear the sea breeze humming to my ears, the waves rolling on the shore, with my bare feet sensing the sand beneath its sole, no screaming children, no sea of tourists and big umb ...