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  • Laki Iwan Mangyan Philanthropist

    Long after his death on March 21 Laki Iwan de Jesus, a Buhid Mangyan, is remembered by the community of Sitio Danlog, Barangay Monteclaro in San Jose town, Occidental Mindoro for the parcels of land he donated to different schools that he hoped would ensure the education of the next Mangyan generations.

    One of the schools, the Paaralang Mangyan na Angkop sa Kulturang Aalagaan (Pamana Ka), has grown in terms of student population and facilities.

    When Laki Iwan saw the high schools program, he offered to sign a document to ensure that the land would not be taken back by his family and rela ...

  • Santa Teresa Sustainable Eco-Park

    The Sanctuary
    The founder of this endeavor is not looking for any recognition. She accepted help when Ilin Value-Added Forestry Management Services Foundation, Inc. ("IVAFMS") extended its hand. Both are now working to help the people of the barangay Sta. Teresa to make their community a viable and sustainable eco-park that earns.

    These photos depict some of what is happening at the Sanctuary as the founder refers to the several hectares of land that she and her brother started planting with various flora over more than the past decade. This area will be the demo-farm, so-to-speak, for h ...

  • Tamaraws increasing in number still critically endangered

    Tamaraws increasing in number still critically endangered

    The country's largest wild land mammal, the tamaraw, is consistently increasing in number, officials of the government's Tamaraw Conservation Program have announced.

    The TCP, however, said that despite the success in the government-led conservation campaign, the tamaraw (bubalus mindorensis), is still listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as "critically endangered" because the safe level for animal species to survive is "not less than 500 heads."

    From 154 bull heads in year 2000 where the conservation program started, the 2015 count is 405 bulls. The 2015 figur ...