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  • Apo Reef In Mindoro Philippines

    One of my first dives in the Philippines! The Philippines is in the center of the Coral Triangle, making it home to so much biodiversity. Check out all that marine life! And this didn't even include the mola-mola we saw when we first jumped in the water.

  • DiveIn With The UP Marine Biological Society

    DiveIn With The UP Marine Biological Society

    Ever thought of participating in marine conservation activities in and out of Metro Manila but didn't know how? Well, the UP Diliman-based organization UP Marine Biological Society (UP MBS for short) might just be a great start, and may even be a cure for your #seapanx.

    UP MBS is an organization that promotes the awareness of the marine environment through the sport of skin diving and the principles of environmentalism. Its members organize numerous activities throughout the year, including open dives, recyclables fairs, workshops, and skin diving training (even for first-time swimmers!). M ...

  • Apo Reef Above

    Apo Reef is a coral reef system in the Philippines situated on the western waters of Occidental Mindoro province in the Mindoro Strait.

    It is the world's second-largest contiguous coral reef system and the largest in the country.

  • Scuba Diving In Mindoro

    Scuba Diving In Mindoro

    I recently had the chance to dive in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro and Pandan Island, Occidental Mindoro. This was my second time to dive in Puerto Galera and, while the place has many dive shops, I was not particularly impressed with the general set-up, particularly in light of sewer pipes discharging liquid effluent directly into the bay. That said, my recent dives indicate that the marine life (at least in the vicinity of Sabang Bay) are somewhat protected.

    Just below one of the floating bars fronting Sabang Bay is a school of sardines meandering in and out of the shade and sunlight. N ...

  • Pandan Island Sablayan Occidental Mindoro

    Pandan Island Sablayan Occidental Mindoro

    Pandan Island is a small private island located in the town of Sablayan in the province of Occidental Mindoro. It is an island resort with limited amenities. There are only few rooms and cottages available for guests. The island has its own bar and restaurant with billiards hall. The resort also has its own dive center. A solar and electric generator provides electricity to the island. The island also has its own source of fresh water.

    How to get there:

    Option 1
    From Manila, ride a bus bound for Batangas port. From Batangas port, ride a ferry boat bound for Abra de Ilog. From Abra de Il ...

  • Apo Reef A Lesser-Known Gem In The West Philippine Sea

    It started at the invitation of a photographer-friend who would be on a photo shoot assignment in the Apo Reef Natural Park in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. Yama noodles menu It immediately snowballed into a small group trip after some of our common friends decided to tag along. Noodles catering Though we were only on the other side of the island in Oriental Mindoro, it would be the first time we would all visit the Apo Reef.

    With invaluable assistance from our friends in the local government of Sablayan, the trip was all set including the necessary documentation to enter the natural park. ...