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  • Discover the Mangarin Ruins

    Discover the Mangarin Ruins

    One of the oldest settlement in Mindoro is Manggaring, but it permanently appeared in records as Mangarin due to Spanish orthography. It is a settlement located at the mouth of Pinamanaan River, a river which empties its water into Mangarin Bay. It first appeared in history in 1679, when friars from the Order of Augustinian Recollects "established" this settlement. Perhaps what it really meant was, Mangarin is chosen as a site of a new reduccion. Which means the settlement will be put under a church bell, then less populated settlements nearby or barangays will be force to move there. Thu ...

  • The Surprising San Jose

    The Surprising San Jose

    Anybody who had never touched the sands of Occidental Mindoro would not expect that something in here could figuratively blow one's mind. We were supposed to climb Mt. Iglit but what we thought to be an unfortunate unavailability of our groupmates turned out to be an unexpected blessing that came in full disguise. With only Agnes and I left to continue the trip, we decided to go on a 5-day backpacking escapade around the province of Occidental Mindoro with our first stop at the surprisingly beautiful town of San Jose.

    We arrived at the town's airport early in the morning with no concrete pl ...

  • San Jose exposes its tourist potentials

    San Jose exposes its tourist potentials

    The municipality of San Jose is serious in its bid to be included in the country's major tourist destination after it showcased its tourist spots in a television show featuring what could be its best tourist attractions.

    According to Mayor Jose T. Villarosa, he was elated when the host and crew of TV show Trip na Trip ng Bayan, visited the town and its tourist spots.

    Among those areas visited was the Grace island resort off the shore of San Jose, an island cove with floating villas and a breathtaking scenery which will surely mesmerized one's senses. The famous Devil's mountain of Mindor ...