Mounts Iglit-Baco

Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro

Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park is a protected area of the Philippines and an ASEAN Heritage Park located in Mindoro Island in central Philippines. The park covers an area of 75,445 hectares surrounding Mount Iglit and Mount Baco in the central interior of Mindoro.

The park was established in 1970, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations listed it as one of its four heritage par ...

ks in the Philippines. The park has also been nominated in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The park is the habitat of the endemic Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), a small, hoofed mammal of the Bovid species unique to the Philippines. It is one of the most seriously endangered animals in the world. It was for this reason that the park was established, first as a game refuge and bird sanctuary in 1969 with an initial area of 8,956 hectares, then as a national park increasing its size a year later.

Apart from the tamaraw, other forms of wildlife are also found within the park including the Mindoro Climbing Rat, Philippine deer, and wild pigs. A number of bird species also inhabit the park like the Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Mindoro Scops Owl, Black-hooped Coucal, Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker and Heart Pigeon.

Some of the important indigenous plants found in the park are the Kalantas tree, Tindalo, Almaciga, Kamagong and Jade vine.

Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park News

  • DENR Mulls Over Use Of Satellite Telemetry To Monitor Endangered Philippine Tamaraw

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is eyeing to employ satellite tracking device to improve its monitoring of the critically endangered Philippine tamaraw on Mindoro island.

    We plan to use a satellite-tracking device to 20 sample tamaraws to monitor their movements. That way, we will have an idea of where our tamaraws are lurking, Rodel Boyles, the community environment and natural resources officer (Cenro) of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, told the BusinessMirror in an interview.

    Also called the Mindoro dwarf buffalo, the tamaraw can only be found on Mindoro islan ...

  • Tamaraw, Other Endemic Species

    October is the month of the Tamaraw in the Philippines. It is a species of mammal that can only be found in the island of Mindoro and nowhere else in the world, the reason why it is given paramount importance. It was first recorded in the island in 1888.

    Scientifically, the Tamaraw is known as Bubalusmindorensis, and considered as the largest wild animal in the country. It is a closest relative of water buffalo found in Southern Asia, from which the domestic carabao is descended, as described by the late William Oliver, a British biologist who spent more than two decades of his life in the ...

  • Senate OKs Bill Increasing Number Of PH Protected Areas

    Senate OKs Bill Increasing Number Of PH Protected Areas

    The Senate on Monday approved a bill that expanded the number of protected areas in the country.

    Senate Bill No. 1444, or the "Expanded NIPAS Act of 2017" was approved on third and final hearing with 22 affirmative votes, zero negative vote, and zero abstention.

    It would bring 92 new areas, including six internationally-recognized natural sites, under the protection and management of the country's landmark National Integrated and Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act.

    The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 7586 or the NIPAS Act of 1992, in order "to include more areas and to ensure greater ...

  • Luis Manzano Leads Launching Of WWF Donor Program

    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines on Thursday introduced the Individual Donor Program (IDP) to the public with WWF-Philippines Marine Conservation Steward Luis Manzano at Glorietta 4 in Makati.

    Thru participating in the IDP, people can now directly contribute in the ecological-sustainability initiative of the WWF that encourages the public to funnel their finances to vital and urgent causes such as conservation.

    People can join IDP by visiting WWF booths in selected malls all over the country or by simply going to the organization's website.

    "These donations are directed in go ...

  • A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    It is raining heavily in the Iglit-Baco National Park and we are hunkered in a thatched hut in the forest.

    Inside we sit with three ancient Fufu-amas, elders of the Taw Buid, a tribe from Mindoro.

    They are clad in loincloths while smoking a mysterious herb in wooden bak to pipes. It is supposedly tobacco, but smells like something else.

    I was last here in 2012 to photograph the tamaraw, a critically-endangered buffalo WWF is working to conserve. I have returned to learn more about the Taw Buid, an indigenous tribe helping to protect the tamaraw.

    They wish to visit our village tomor ...

  • Mts Iglit-Baco National Park Occidental Mindoro

    Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park lies at the heart of Mindoro Island Philippines.

    Its greater portion (approximately 75%) falls under the jurisdiction of Occidental Mindoro in the municipalities of Sablayan, Calintaan, Rizal and fringe of San Jose while the remaining portion (25%) falls under the territory of Oriental Mindoro in the towns of Pinamalayan, Gloria, Bansud, Bongabong and Mansalay.

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