Ilin Island

San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

Ilin Island is a small island in the Philippines. Measuring 47 square kilometers, and located south of Mindoro, the island is home to the Ilin Island Cloudrunner, an endangered species of cloud rat.

Ilin Island News

  • Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Mindoro Is Not Just About Puerto Galera

    Puerto Galera is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in all of Mindoro. Given its world-class dive spots such as the Verde Island Passage, a region thought to be the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity, its excellent beaches, amazing waterfalls, crazy nightlife, thrilling water sports, and most importantly its proximity to Manila, it's no wonder why many people head to Puerto Galera for their vacation.

    Yet unknown to most visitors in Mindoro, there are still plenty of other beautiful places that make up the big island, especially if you want to get away from the hustle ...

  • 18 species sighted for the first time in Mindoro

    18 species sighted for the first time in Mindoro

    A number of animal species are sighted anew in several areas in Mindoro, two of which are documented for the first time in the Philippines.

    Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI) recorded 18 new animal species at Apo Reef Natural Park in Mt. Siburan, Naujan Lake National Park, Mt. Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary, and Ilin Island.

    The discoveries??"including one snake, three bats, three fish and 11 birds??"were revealed during the launch of New Faunal Species Records in Mindoro last January.

    The birds sighted were Oriental Cuckoo, Barred Rail, Pacific Golden Plover, Orie ...

  • Two Negros species recorded in Mindoro

    Two Negros species recorded in Mindoro

    Negros and Mindoro are among of the Philippines' islands with most number of endemic species, along with Cebu, Panay, Camiguin and other smaller islands.

    This is very interesting because these islands harbor island endemic, meaning species that are restricted only to a specific island, because of the geographic historical formation of the Philippines Archipelago. There are also species formerly thought to occur only in one particular island, but later on, were discovered in another island, too. This is particularly true for the Negros bleeding-heart pigeon that was once believed to be a Neg ...

  • Philippine Teak Depletion

    In a workshop here organized by the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. for its Ilin and Ambulong Islands Forest Conservation Project, I was surprised at the revelation that the sugar industry in Negros has contributed to the depletion of an important endemic species of the country, the Philippine teak (Tectona philippinensis).

    It is only known to grow in Ilin and Ambulong islands in San Jose town, Occidental Mindoro, and in the towns of Lobo and San Juan in Batangas. Because of its restricted distribution and population depletion, the Philippine teak has already been declared ...

  • A place of worship rises on the remote island of Ilin

    A place of worship rises on the remote island of Ilin

    When FR. Fernando Suarez, also known as the "healing priest," first ventured to the remote island of Ilin in June 2011, he thought he was about to meet his Maker earlier than expected.

    Although Ilin, which belongs to the municipality of San José, Mindoro Occidental, is a mere 45-minute boat ride away from the mainland, Suarez and company found themselves riding huge waves during what was supposed to be a routine trip. They were braving what seemed like a full-blown typhoon.

    But God, as Suarez said recently, had bigger plans not for him, but for the materially and spiritually impoverishe ...

  • The Surprising San Jose

    The Surprising San Jose

    Anybody who had never touched the sands of Occidental Mindoro would not expect that something in here could figuratively blow one's mind. We were supposed to climb Mt. Iglit but what we thought to be an unfortunate unavailability of our groupmates turned out to be an unexpected blessing that came in full disguise. With only Agnes and I left to continue the trip, we decided to go on a 5-day backpacking escapade around the province of Occidental Mindoro with our first stop at the surprisingly beautiful town of San Jose.

    We arrived at the town's airport early in the morning with no concrete pl ...