Capul Island Lighthouse

Capul, Northern Samar

Capul Island, located in Northen Samar, has a lighthouse built on the island which served as a guidepost for the Acapulco-Manila galleon trade vessels passing through the treacherous waters of San Bernardino Strait. It also served as the capital of Samar from 1848 to 1852. The name Capul came from the word Acapulco, an old trading post in Mexico.

Capul is the only town in the provin ...

ce of Northern Samar with a distinct language, Inabaknon, instead of Waray-Waray, the native language spoken by the locals of Samar island.

The church of Capul, built during the Spanish Colonial Period, is dedicated to St. Ignatius of Loyola and is surrounded by a square fort with bulwarks of dissimilar designs. The church structure was actually the third that was built on the site.

The first two structures, made of hard wood and nipa roofs, were razed when Moro pirates plundered the island in 1615 and 1768. In 1781, Fr. Mariano Valero, a Spanish architect-priest led the restoration of the church and built the stonewall fortress similar to that in Intramuros, Manila that would fortify it against Moro attacks.

Located on a hill near the Capul fort overlooking the town harbor, the stone Capul watchtower was erected to serve as a sentry or warning system and a refuge for indigents during Moro raids.

Bito Cave, also known as Beto Cave, is a popular natural attraction located in Sawang.

Timon-timon is a rudder-shaped rock formation located near the southern point of the island.  Wiki

Capul Island and Lighthouse News

  • Inspiring Filipino Island Communities, Capul Samar Philippines

    I absolutely love spending time on local islands. Why? Because you can really get a sense of how close communities are here in the Philippines. On our last morning in Capul, I watched the locals carrying each other up onto boats towards the main Island of Samar. So Inspiring.

    Looking forward to coming back to this place in the future!

    Power On!

  • A Historic And Local Filipino Island With A Pink Beach - Capul Samar Philippines

    The Island of Capul of the coast of Northern Samar is incredibly historic and full of so many local Filipino vibes.

    We spent time just walking around near the main Poblacion and it was so much fun getting to know more about this place, and experiencing the local beauty! There was even a PINK BEACH! The people were amazing, the food was unique, and the history absolutely blew my mind!

    I bet you haven't been here!!

    Super Apir!

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    Video compilations of my Northern Samar Adventure together with my friends where we explore the hidden beauty of the province.

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  • Captivating Capul

    Exploring the captivating Capul Island and Lighthouse and Sanbungto Beach located in the municipality of Capul, Northern Samar.

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    Samar A Kiss Of Pacific Part 1

    Suddenly her ideas and thoughts went into an explosion of realization. Her discernment's were clear as she continued to find her soul. She did not conform to the standards of society and was no longer what she used to be. She felt released from the chain of being locked from freedom, freed from the shackles of her old identity. This damsel took the chance. She wandered out for only in wandering can she perceive the joy, the magic and the liberty.

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    Calbayog City Gateway To Samar And Northern Samar

    Calbayog is a city in the province of Samar and is one of the commercial trade centers of Eastern Visayas region. It located on the north-western coast of the island of Samar, next to the border separating the provinces of Samar and Northern Samar. Waray is the major language spoken in Calbayog City.

    Calbayog is home to the biggest church structure in Samar. The Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral was built in the 1850's and underwent several repairs and renovations. Today, the architecture of the church combines elements of Spanish and contemporary designs. Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral is located ...