Biri Island Rock Formations

Biri, Northern Samar

Biri Island Rock Formations is located off the northern coast of Samar Island. Other larger islands nearby are Talisay, Magesang, and Cagnipa. Biri Island is notable for a large number of unusual rock formations along the northern shore, facing the Philippine Sea.

In 2007, the Community-Based Mangrove Protection and Management project was implemented in Biri, funded by the Philippin ...

e Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation. The project aimed to contribute to the regeneration of the mangrove ecosystem by establishing a community-based mangrove management system. The project covered protection of 546 hectares and enhancement planting in 39 hectares.

In 2012, a non-profit organization, Biri Initiative Org., was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Its main objectives are to restore areas of coral reef damaged by illegal fishing methods, promote sustainable and environment-friendly methods of fishing, and encourage opportunities for alternative livelihoods, particularly for women.  Wiki

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    Biri Island Rock Formations
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