Dauin Dumaguete Negros Oriental, Philippines Female Solo Traveler

Just a 20 minute ride from Dumaguete lays Dauin. It?s famous for scuba diving and trips to Apo Island. There are a lot of resorts along the beach offering the trips.

If you dont want to go diving or snorkeling, you can get around and visit some highlights in the area.


I visited:
-Casaroro falls
-Twin Lakes
-Smokey mountain (just along the road)

I got on the back of a motor cycle which costed me 2000 pesos for the whole day, private tour. Not sure if lunch was supposed to be included. My guide paid for me but I paid it back later 

The resort I stayed in doesnt normally offer trips like this. It was specially arranged for me.

Along the way you pay little entrance fees at both locations, and you need to register.

Casaroro falls
Its a lot of steps to go down! And then there used to be a path, but it was washed away with a flood / typhoon. Get ready to get over some wet stones - wear good shoes - and prepare for wet feet. Journey is rewarding though. Falls are high, and not crowded.

Twin Lakes
Very silent place. Looks like Austria to be honest!
Get a boat over the lake - 150 pesos per hour for the kayak, going around yourself. Or 250 per hour to get a bigger boat with boatman.

To see twin lakes viewpoint and visit the small falls youll need at least 1/5 to 2 hours.

There is a small restaurant with view over the lake for lunch. But there are lots of picknick spots as well.

I suspect this place is busy in the weekend and holidays, when people will have a picknick here.

NOTE: you are not allowed to fly a drone over the lakes. It?s a protected area.


Mikes Dauin Resort - https://goo.gl/nCLS7A
Recommended in the area. Friendly staff, good beds, little pool and lots of divers! Good food also. This is the place I stayed in and it did not disappoint.

Other options:

Pura Vida - https://goo.gl/Ty2FA9
Close to the place I stayed in and it looked good from the outside! Pictures online make me curious too 


Just walk along the beach, and stop where ever you want a bite. I liked the food at Mike?s and since I was traveling alone, I don?t feel the need to go out for food all the time ;)

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