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  • Volunteers In Action

    Volunteers In Action

    We have been working with our first group of volunteers, Ranum Efterskole from Denmark. Since they came a whopping 36 at once, that made it a bit of a challenge. But with the weather on our side, very enthusiastic volunteers and a lot of different activities we made it a successful program. We were very happy with the final result and we are sure the students had the same feeling.

    All students were 15-16 years old and part of them had already learnt to dive on their first diving trip to Malta some six month previously. The other half enrolled in the PADI Open Water or the PADI Advanced Open ...

  • Strengthening MPA Boundaries

    Strengthening MPA Boundaries

    One of the first official happenings in which we could participate as MCP in the municipality of Zamboanguita was helping resetting the boundaries for an already existing Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Dalakit, two days before Christmas. The MPA has been in effect, but not enforced, for quite some years, as the demarkation lines disappeared after several typhoons, making it hard to tell where the no-fishing zone starts.

    The coastal resource manager Antonio Yucor managed to motivate a team of enthusiastic local fisherman to help with the work. They prepared 46 concrete blocks, used for sinke ...

  • Zamboanguitas Deep Attraction Searching For Beautiful Underwater Species

    Zamboanguitas Deep Attraction Searching For Beautiful Underwater Species

    Did you know that these colorful underwater critters are found in the Philippines?

    Last September when I went home for vacation, I tried to dive in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental to see what is the difference between there and Dauin which is the famous town close by for its underwater macro critters.

    I stayed with my little baby daughter at Acqua Dive Resort which is operated by my friends Sean Stone and Chae Stone. The place is very nice with pool, and a nicely landscaped large area to lounge around. Overlooking the Apo island there is nothing more you can ask for when it comes to relaxa ...